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What to Wear: His and Hers Mardi Gras Costumes

Mardi Gras is growing larger every year with many folks hosting their own grand celebrations in their own cities and homes. And why wouldn’t it? It’s one of the largest festivals in the whole year and who doesn’t love a reason to have a party. If you’re planning to attend a Mardi Gras celebration and are in need of a great outfit to wear, then this is definitely the year to up your game. Sure a Mardi Gras mask (here) is a lot of fun to wear, but why not change things up with a great themed costume? Drawing from many of the inspirations of the history, culture, and folklore of Louisiana, we’ve created a few couple’s costume ideas to take your look to the next level.

Look #1

Featuring: Item #FM67982 and Item #L85354
Featuring: Item #FM67982 and Item #L85354

Our first pair is as festive as can be. Decked in the bright motif of Mardi Gras, this clown couple’s costume ideas is just what you need to get any party started. Add a great jester-style mask to add a fun flair and a hint of mystery to the whole ensemble.

Look #2

Featuring Item #R16897 and Item #R16898
Featuring: Item #R16897 and Item #R16898

This next outfit draws from the traditional style of Carnival of which Mardi Gras draws its roots. These fantastic costumes even come with their own masks for a complete look that is both entertaining and exciting!

Look #3

Featuring: Item #L85243 and Item #L85322
Featuring: Item #L85243 and Item #L85322

Lastly, it wouldn’t be New Orleans without a bit of voodoo. Not only has it received rising interest after being featured on American Horror Story, but these two costumes are so stylish, how could anyone resist? You might be surprised to see a Mad Hatter costume here, but look a bit closely and it closely resembles the attire of the Loa Baron Samedi. Just add a red ribbon trim to the top hat and some white skeleton face paint (here) to really transform the look.

With these great costumes, you and your partner are sure to stand out from the sea of masks at your upcoming celebration. Let us know which one is your favorite by leaving us a comment below!

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