What to Wear: Disney Inspired Masquerade Outfits

During Mardi Gras season, masquerade balls are often held alongside the rambunctious street parties. This is the time to dress to the nines with a more elegant ensemble and with this as our spotlight for our What to Wear Wednesday topic, we wanted to share with you some outfit ideas. But we didn’t want to give you just any old masquerade ball outfit inspos! We’ve infused a little Disney magic by creating outfits inspired by the Disney princesses. After all, every girl wants to be the belle of the ball!

Snow White
For this look we paired a royal blue dress with yellow accessories and a beautiful red feather mask. We also styled the outfit with apple jewelry as a reminder of the classic fairy tale plot.

Snow White Inspired Masquerade Outfit

For this outfit, we picked a 50s inspired gown since that’s when the movie was released. We also added a beautiful silver and white mask with pretty laser-cut details. To complete the look, we added pearl earrings and a necklace with black ribbon inspired by her beautiful outfit at the ball.
Polyvore - Cinderella Masquerade

For our Sleeping Beauty look, we took a pretty pink ball gown with gold accents and found the perfect feather mask to match. We also added floral jewelry for an ultra-feminine look.
Aurora Inspired Masquerade Outfit

For this look, we took a mint green dress with a flowy design and paired it with a purple mask and jewelry to stick with her color scheme.
Ariel Inspired Masquerade Outfit

Belle has that classic yellow ball gown, but to give this outfit a modern look, we chose a more simple design. We paired it with a gold and white mask and rose jewelry.

Belle Inspired Masquerade Outfit

This next look is one of our favorites. We took a fitted turquoise dress and paired it with a matching feather mask. We completed the look with metallic jewelry for a beautifully exotic look.

Jasmine Inspired Masquerade Outfit
For this Pocahontas look, we couldn’t have found a better dress. This one shoulder tan dress has a subtle bohemian feel and a hint of sparkle which perfectly embodies Pocahontas. We matched it with turquoise jewelry and a gold mask.

Pocahontas Inspired Masquerade Outfit

Mulan was a bit of a challenge, but we took elements of her dress from the movie to create this delicate look. We even added a dragon bracelet as a reminder of her spirit guide, Mushu. We finished off the look with beautiful pink mask with a floral motif reminiscent of the flower Mulan wears in her hair.

For Tiana’s outfit, we took a pretty green gown and added floral accessories in gold to mimic the floral accents of her gown. We paired the look with a beautiful Mardi Gras feather mask because of her New Orleans roots.

Tiana Inspired Masquerade Outfit

With Rapunzel’s outfit, we went with a cocktail party dress in purple and matched it with a bold floral mask. We also added rosy pink accessories to complete the look.

Rapunzel Masquerade
For Merida, we found this lovely velvet dress in the perfect shade. We also added a bright orange mask to match her signature locks and bow and arrow jewelry since she never leaves home without them.

Merida masquerade outfitAnna
This next look takes elements of Anna’s outfit and translates it into a wearable ensemble. We paired the look with an icy blue mask, because… Frozen.

Anna Inspired Masquerade Outfit
For Elsa’s look, we took a light blue gown with sparkling accents and matched it with silver accessories. For the mask we chose an extravagant mask with plenty of glitter for a dazzling icy look.

Elsa Inspired Masquerade Outfit


If you love these outfits, be sure to shop our site for a masquerade mask of your own (here). Let us know which one of these looks you like best by leaving us a comment below!


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