Infographic: Suicide Squad and their Antihero Abilities

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films of 2016, but how much do you know about the infamous band of misfits? Sure, most casual movie viewers/superhero fans are familiar with Joker, Harley Quinn, and maybe even Killer Croc. You might have even seen parts of Katana’s back story on Arrow, but what about the other members of the gang? Check out our Suicide Squad infographic and get to know all the members of the before you see it in theaters.

Suicide Squad Infographic

One of the most effective members of the Suicide Squad and a trained assassin, Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, was recruited by Amanda Waller to join the team for a chance to earn his freedom. Though he does not have superhuman abilities, his skill as a marksman is so great, it’s said that he superhuman precision. He’s often depicted wearing wrist-mounted guns and boasts that he never misses a shot.


A minor villain in the DC comic book world, Slipknot created a special chemical that made ropes stronger than metal. Like Deadshot, he is also a trained assassin with the ability to kill silently. His archives do not go very deep and his involvement with the Suicide Squad was documented as a very short-lived one. Aside from his rope skills, Slipknot actor, Adam Beach, says that his character will also have the ability to get the team out of tight situations.

Captain Boomerang

This classic Flash villain comes from the land down under and is a master at… you guessed it, the boomerang. At a young age, he learned how to create and use boomerangs as weapons. A reluctant and unreliable member of the team, his behavior and attitude makes him one of the least liked anti-heroes of the Suicide Squad.


June Moone is bestowed her superpowers when she accidentally encounters a magical being named Dzamor. The result is the ability to immediately transform into her alter-ego by uttering the word “enchantress.” When in her Enchantress mode, she undergoes a full image transformation and unlocks a variety of magical abilities that include teleportation, flight, mastery of elements, and healing.


You may be familiar with this character if you watch the TV series, Arrow. Tatsu Yamashiro becomes a vigilante under the name Katana after her husband is murdered by the Yakuza. Aside from her martial arts skills, she is the keeper of a magical blade named Soultaker. The souls of its victims are imprisoned within its blade allowing the wielder to communicate with the spirits.

Harley Quinn

She’s one of the most popular supervillains in the DC universe and the funny thing is, she didn’t originate the in comic books! That doesn’t stop Harley Quinn from being a hit with the fans. Noted for being Joker’s sidekick, she has immunity to toxins along with gymnastics skills that she uses in hand to hand combat and a psychology background that helps her get into the heads of her enemies.

El Diablo 

In the Suicide Squad film, El Diablo adopts the newest incarnation of the DC character. The notorious gangster with pyrokinetic superpowers ends up on death row after burning down a building in an attempt to collect a debt, landing him a cell in the prison, Belle Reve.

Rick Flag

A former military man, Rick Flag has an arsenal of skills that make him a formidable member of the Suicide Squad. He is a tactical fighter with leadership skills and weapons expertise. Though he does not have superpowers, his skills led him to gain experience in some of the most elite military teams.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc is basically an oversized anthromorphic crocodile. Like a crocodile, he has strength, agility, speed, and heightened senses. His physical features include armor-like scales which cannot be easily penetrated with weapons or bullets. He also has sharp teeth and claws which he uses to destry his enemies. What he lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up for in his super-human strength.

What about Joker? If you haven’t noticed, he’s not in any of the group movie posters. We suspect he may be involved in the special mission the Suicide Squad must complete. Suicide Squad will hit the theaters on August 5. Tell which of these characters you’re most excited to see on the big screen!


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