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    There have been many building blocks in life, but none have left an impression as big as LEGO. This first version of this unassuming little piece of plastic was produced in the late 40s, although the version we know today was created and patented in the late 50s. With so much history behind the little block that could, who wouldn't love LEGO? With an empire in pop culture spanning from toys to TV shows to films, LEGO has infiltrated all of our lives in the very best way. Whether you grew up with LEGOs or have a kid with an extensive collection, you're definitely a fan. Now, you can bring your favorite LEGO characters to life with these officially licensed LEGO costumes! For the first time ever, you can dress up as LEGO characters like Clay from Nexo Knights, Kai from Ninjago, and all the characters from The LEGO Movie and LEGO Movie 2. In fact, you can even dress up as an iconic LEGO construction worker! The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity flow. Grab some LEGOs today and get ready to build!