Oogie Boogie Vinyl Mask Coming Soon

Oogie Boogie Vinyl Mask


Oogie Boogie Prestige Adult Coming Soon

Oogie Boogie Prestige Adult


Sally Child Wig Coming Soon

Sally Child Wig


Sally Deluxe Child Costume Coming Soon

Sally Deluxe Child Costume


Sally Prestige Adult Costume Coming Soon

Sally Prestige Adult Costume


Uma Child Wig Coming Soon

Uma Child Wig


Evie Child Wig Coming Soon

Evie Child Wig


Mal Child Wig Coming Soon

Mal Child Wig


Mal Child Glove Coming Soon

Mal Child Glove


Evie Child Gloves Coming Soon

Evie Child Gloves


Uma Child Gloves Coming Soon

Uma Child Gloves


Mal Prestige Child Costume Coming Soon

Mal Prestige Child Costume


Evie Prestige Child Costume Coming Soon

Evie Prestige Child Costume


Mal Deluxe Child Costume Coming Soon

Mal Deluxe Child Costume


Evie Deluxe Child Costume Coming Soon

Evie Deluxe Child Costume


Uma Classic Child Costume Coming Soon

Uma Classic Child Costume


Evie Classic Child Costume Coming Soon

Evie Classic Child Costume


Uma Deluxe Child Costume Coming Soon

Uma Deluxe Child Costume


Mal Classic Child Costume Coming Soon

Mal Classic Child Costume


Ariel Deluxe Child Wig Coming Soon

Ariel Deluxe Child Wig


Ariel Child Gloves Coming Soon

Ariel Child Gloves


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Make your next dress-up event extra special with our officially licensed Disney costumes and accessories. Whether you're shopping for the young or the young at heart, there is no one who can resist the magic of Walt Disney! Now, you can be a part of the magic too by dressing as your favorite Disney character. We've got a ton of great costumes at your fingertips, including beloved Disney princesses, memorable Pixar characters, and evil villains. Perfect for any Halloween event, child's birthday party, or trip to Disneyland, you can make any day whimsical with these looks inspired by the art of Disney.
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Aladdin Costumes
There's nothing more magical than stumbling upon a magic lamp with powers that will unleash your very own genie! Get your own three wishes granted with our Aladdin costumes for adults and kids. Dress...
Alice In Wonderland
You've got a very important date in Wonderland! If you love this childhood classic, then these costumes may just be your cup of tea. Browse through our magical selection of Alice in Wonderland costum...
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Race against time to save the Mad Hatter in Disney and Tim Burton's latest masterpiece, Alice Through the Looking Glass. Just when Alice thought she was done with her adventures in Wonderland, she fi...
Beauty and the Beast Costumes
Things are not always what they appear to be, as Belle discovered when she met the Beast. For your next costume party, bring a little Disney magic to life with our Beauty and the Beast costumes and f...
Big Hero 6 Costumes
Enter the world of San Fransokyo and become a member of the incredible Big Hero 6 team! From the newest batch of Disney superheroes, you and your friends will have a blast saving the city. Whether yo...
Brave Costumes
From Disney Pixar's blockbuster hit, Brave, we bring you our Princess Merida costumes and accessories! If your little girl has the spirit of a fighter, just like Merida, she'll love these outfits. We...
Disney Cars Costumes
Bring your kid's favorite movie to life with our Disney Pixar Cars costumes, straight out of Radiator Springs! All your favorite loveable characters are now available as a costume to wear for Hallowe...
Cinderella Costumes
A dream is a wish your heart makes, so why not make it come true this Halloween season with our Cinderella costumes? Partake in one of the greatest love stories ever told. All eyes will be on you onc...
Descendants Costumes
High School Musical meets classic fairy tales in this brand new Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants. Since its debut on July 31, 2015, it has received over 10 million views and great reception...
Disney Fairy Costumes
Experience the wonder and magic of Pixie Hollow in one of our Disney Fairy costumes! Dress your little girl as the brave and sassy Tinker Bell, then throw a Never Land themed costume party and invite...
Disney Princess Costumes
Feel like a fairy godmother and make your little girl's dreams dreams come true with our collection of Disney Princess costumes. With these beautiful gowns, girls of all ages can transform into their...
Disney Vile Villains Costumes
It's good to be bad with these Disney Villains! Your favorite bad guys from every Disney movie are up to no good again, but this time you're included! Look sinfully stylish when dressed as the Evil Q...
Doc McStuffins Costumes
Let your little girl play doctor to all her favorite toys in one of our adorable Doc McStuffins costumes. This fairly new series, which airs on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, is a great hit among ...
Elena of Avalor Costumes
Fall in love with the Disney Channel's newest character, the royal Elena of Avalor! The first Latina Disney Princess character was debuted on an episode of Sofia the First and is now the star of her ...
Finding Dory Costumes
The long-awaited sequel to Disney and Pixar's beloved Finding Nemo is finally here! Everybody loved following Marlin and Dory on their adventurous quest through the ocean to find little Nemo. They me...
Frozen Costumes
Disney's latest film, Frozen, is based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale "The Snow Queen" and tells the tale of Anna and her cold-hearted sister Elsa, also known as the Snow Queen. Like...
The Incredibles Costumes
It's the Incredibles! Disney's favorite superhero family is a costume theme that never gets old. With a sequel announced, the excitement for the Incredibles can only increase! Get your whole family i...
Inside Out Costumes
Show everyone what you're feeling by dressing as your favorite character from Disney Pixar's newest film, Inside Out. With these officially licensed Inside Out costumes, you can transform into one of...
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Set sail on an adventure this Halloween with one of our Jake and the Neverland Pirates costumes. With costumes for Jake, Izzy, and Captain Hook, your child can bring the entire Never Land crew to lif...
The Jungle Book Costumes
Disney's latest live-action film will take you on a journey full of wonder. The Jungle Book has long been a favorite, and now you'll finally get to see it in real life! (Or as close as it gets, anywa...
The Lion Guard Costumes
Meet Kion, the son of The Lion King's Simba. From Disney's newest television series, The Lion Guard, the young cub has a lot to learn if he's going to become a leader and protect his home. While he i...
The Little Mermaid Costumes
Bring the magical tale of Ariel and Prince Eric to life with these Little Mermaid costumes! Look gorgeous with red flowing hair and leave the sea behind to finally become human. In search of true lov...
Maleficent Costumes
Disney's 2014 film Maleficent is a dark re-telling of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale. In this version, not all is as it seems. Get ready to challenge what you've always thought of as facts and lear...
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
It's time to join Mickey and Minnie for a fantastic adventure with our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse costumes! A timeless classic, this franchise has won the hearts of many toddlers around the world. With W...
Mickey and the Roadster Racers
Join Mickey Mouse and his friends in their brand new Disney Channel adventure, Mickey and the Roadster Racers! As a star in this new show, your kid will be able to hit the racetrack at Hot Dog Hills ...
Moana Costumes
Let your daughter become the fearless Moana at her next costume party, and she'll be bound for adventure! After the 2016 theatrical release of Moana, Disney's rosters of favorite characters aren't co...
Monsters Inc.
Based on the Disney Pixar classic, your child will have a scream with our Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University Costumes. Dressed in one of these costumes, your kid will be in for quite an adventure...
Mulan Costumes
It may have been almost a decade since Disney's release of Mulan, but that doesn't mean she's long forgotten. As one of Disney's most prominent female leads, no other princess comes close to her stre...
The Muppets Costumes
Since Disney's resurrection of the Jim Henson classic, The Muppets, your favorite puppets are back in business! Grab one of these costumes or accessories and become the star of your own comedy revue ...
Nightmare Before Christmas
One of Tim Burton's favorite classics is coming to life this Halloween! A Halloween and Christmas favorite, The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes is a dark tale of love that has won the hearts of m...
The Octonauts Costumes
Climb aboard the Octopod and join your favorite cartoon ocean explorers for a great adventure! These Octonauts costumes will help you unlock your imagination, transporting you to a world full of aqua...
Peter Pan Costumes
Shop our Peter Pan costumes and bring all your Never Land friends to life this Halloween season! These costumes are perfect for those who refuse to grow up. Begin a daring adventure as you soar throu...
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's life for you! This Halloween, dress up as a character from one of the most beloved series of pirate movies in our Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. You'll be in for a wild a...
PJ Masks Costumes
Who goes into the night so they can save the day? The PJ Masks! Suit up for your next rescue mission in one of these awesome PJ Masks costumes and you, too, can become a hero! Dress up as Catboy and ...
Planes Costumes
Here, we're bringing to you the official Disney Planes costumes, modeled after the lovable characters Dusty and El Chu. Like Disney's Cars, Planes won the hearts of kids all over the world with a tou...
Pocahontas Costumes
You may not have any idea what's just around the riverbend, but you will when dressed up in one of our Pocahontas costumes! This 1995 Disney film may be over a decade old, but its values, ar, and mus...
The Princess and the Frog Costumes
The classic fairytale has been retold many times in many ways, but Disney's The Princess and the Frog is the one that enchants today's generation. A hardworking young woman with big dreams gets sidet...
Sleeping Beauty Costumes
The classic tale of good versus evil never gets too old. With Disney's version of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora is our beloved protagonist, the innocent princess who is full of good. Unfortunately for her,...
Snow White Costumes
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? You are, of course! At least, you will be, after you dress yourself up in one of our lovely Snow White costumes! With our lovely catalog of...
Sofia the First Costumes
Meet Disney's newest princess, Sofia the First! Our Sofia the First costumes and accessories are more popular than ever. This fairly new Disney show, which first aired a few years ago, has become a h...
Tangled Costumes
The 2010 release of Disney's Tangled instantly put Rapunzel on the Disney princess map. So many girls have fallen in love with the adorably clueless princess that it was only a matter of time before ...
Tinker Bell Costumes
From Disney comes the most widely recognized fairy ever created, Tinker Bell! Sprinkle your magic dust freely when you step out as the sassy little pixie with these Tinker Bell costumes and accessori...
Toy Story Costumes
From the film that put Pixar on the Hollywood map, our Toy Story costumes are perfect for every occasion! Bring Disney-Pixar's famous characters to life by throwing a Toy Story themed party for your ...
Winnie The Pooh Costumes
Since the 20's, Winnie the Pooh has won over millions of hearts with its tales of friendship and love. This Halloween, help your little toddler spread the love and friendship in one of our adorable W...
Zootopia Costumes
Welcome to Zootopia, where anyone can be anything! This year, you can be your favorite Zootopia character and enter a wonderful world where animals live together in harmony. Become the ZPD's first bu...