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Mom and Daughter Costume Ideas for Halloween 2015

Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? Seems like it was just yesterday we were sharing costume ideas from 2014. Now we’re sharing another set of mom and daughter costume ideas for 2015! Every year, this topic is a hit so we’re proud to give you another round of ideas for the upcoming Halloween season. Based off popular trends and the hottest movie and TV characters of the year, we’re sharing some of our favorite costume ideas for you and your daughter.

Cinderella and Fairy Godmother

If you and your daughter love fairytales, then this first idea may win your heart. From the beautiful live-action Disney production, Cinderella has reminded us all to have courage and be kind. You may have echoed these words to your daughter at one point in time, but one thing is for sure, your guidance will always give your daughter hope. That’s why Halloween is the perfect time to show your daughter just how magical you are and what better way than dressed as the Fairy Godmother. With your daughter as Cinderella, you can make fairy tale dreams come true!

Mom and Daugther Costume Ideas_Cinderella
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Scary Dolls

For moms and daughters who are fans of horror, then these scary doll costumes will be lots of fun for both of you. Scary doll costumes are cool and trendy and these costumes are perfect for a spooky night out on Halloween. With new styles for the 2015 season, you can both find a great costume that will terrify the neighbors!

Mom and Daughter Costume ideas_Dolls
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Cozy Bats

Maybe you and your daughter love comfort and cuteness. If that’s the case, these stylish cozy bat costumes by Leg Avenue will warm your hearts. Finally! Matching costumes that your daughter won’t be embarrassed to wear out with you. Pair these costumes with tights and you’ll be ready for a girl’s night out.

Mom and Daughter Costume Ideas_Bats
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Mime Time

If your daughter is at the age where she’s interested in makeup and wants to experiment, let her creativity shine with a mime costume. You can also squeeze in some mother-daughter bonding time as you teach her your best makeup tips and tricks. With the finished look, you’ll both look ultra chic in matching mime outfits and with a fierce face of makeup to boot!

Mom and Daughter Costume Ideas_Mimes
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Now that you have some great ideas to get you started, it’s time to start shopping for your own mother-daughter costume! Head over to our website and get a head start on your Halloween shopping before all the good stuff is gone. Do you have a fun mother-daughter costume idea in mind? If so, tell us about it by leaving a comment!

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