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Celebrating Easter with Kids and Costumes

Easter is a wonderful time of the year. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and spring is in full swing. For many families, Easter is a time for celebration and upholding time-honored traditions such as participating in community events or hosting a family meal. For those with small children, it’s also a great time to do something special with the kids. That’s where costumes come in! Easter-themed costumes make a great addition to the celebration and helps to create lasting memories. Here are some ways costumes can add a festive touch to your Easter activities.

Capture the Moment
New baby in the family? Make baby’s first Easter extra special with spring portraits. But before you book your appointment, don’t forget the costume! A baby in costume is just about the cutest thing ever, so why not have your child capture the moment in style with some of these adorable outfits below.

Baby Bunny Infant/Toddler Costume (Buy)
Chickie Infant Costume (Buy)

Easter Egg Hunting
One of the best parts of being a kid at Easter is the egg hunting. Often times, community centers or churches will host an Easter egg hunt and invite all the local families to partake in the fun. Dressing up your child in a spring animal costume would not only make things a lot more fun for the kids, it would make for a fantastic photo op.

Classic Lady Bug Toddler Costume (Buy)
Fluffy Bunny Child Costume (Buy)

Church Community Play
It’s not uncommon for churches to put on a religious play or performance on Easter. Through the years, we’ve had many customers shop for religious costumes around this time so whether you’re attending a play or have a child performing in the play, our biblical costumes can really come in handy.

Biblical Jesus Child Costume (Buy)
Guardian Angel Child Costume (Buy)

With Easter just a few weeks away, now’s the time to find a great costume for your festivities. Find everything you need for Easter and more here. Do you have any special Easter family traditions? If so, please share them with us by leaving us a comment. Until next time, Happy Easter everyone!

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