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Movie Costumes

Movie Costumes

Movie Costumes

Are you the ultimate film critic? Do you love the silver screen? Well, now is the perfect time to bring your favorite Hollywood blockbusters to life with our Movie Costumes. We’ve got costumes inspired by all your favorite movie characters, from classic horror flicks to romantic comedies to the must-see action thrillers! Shop now to find the perfect Hollywood movie costume and this Halloween, you can finally be the star!

Popular 2014 Movies: Transformers: Age of Extinction | Captain America: The Winter Soldier | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | X-Men: Days of Future Past

300 Costumes
Follow the classic tale of Themistocles and relive the Greek war against the Persian invasion. With the 2014 theatrical release of 300: Rise of an Empire, you can learn more about the turn of events ...
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Austin Powers Costumes
Groovy, baby! Relive the flashy 60s and 70s with one of our officially licensed Austin Powers costumes. Whether you're the evil mastermind plotting to take over the world or the handsome British spy ...
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Avatar Costumes
Are you ready to enter into the world of Pandora? Be part of James Cameron’s epic science fiction film this Halloween in one of our Avatar costumes. Complete with matching makeup, weapons and accesso...
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The Avengers Costumes
This Halloween, you and the entire family can dress as the hottest superheroes with The Avengers Costumes. With designs straight from the movie inspired by the classic Marvel superhero comic books, y...
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Beetlejuice Costumes
This Halloween, haunt the streets as Hollywood’s favorite rambunctious poltergeist in one of our Beetlejuice Costumes. This classic 80’s character is perfect for any movie lover, Tim Burton fan, or g...
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Chucky Costumes
What better way to creep everyone out this year than with everyone’s favorite homicidal doll? Take a look at our officially licensed Chucky Costumes from the movie “Child’s Play”. We have sizes for t...
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Dumb and Dumber Costumes
Be the star of your own comedy this Halloween with our Dumb and Dumber Costumes. These costumes will transform you and your buddy into the less than clever duo, Harry and Lloyd. Have a hilarious time...
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Edward Scissorhands Costumes
As dark as any other Tim Burton classic, we present to you our officially licensed Edward Scissorhands Costumes. This Halloween, dress as this timeless tragic and gentle creature from the classic mov...
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Elvira Costumes
She’s sexy and sassy, dark and seductive. We’re talking about Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Now you can transform into this bodacious character with our licensed Elvira Costumes. Get the iconic décol...
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Friday The 13th Costumes
Your favorite horror film character can come back to life this Halloween. All you have to do is put on one of our Friday the 13th Costumes! Give your friends and family a scare as Jason Voorhees, the...
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Ghostbusters Costumes
When there’s something strange going on in your neighborhood, you’ll want to grab one of our Ghostbusters Costumes. From the classic 80's comedy about the paranormal ghost-fighting crew, these costum...
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GI Joe Costumes
From the exciting action movies GI Joe: Retaliation and GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra, we bring to you our GI Joe costumes and accessories. You can be a real American hero this Halloween as you take down...
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Grease Costumes
Make an all-time favorite come to life this Halloween with our vast selection of Grease movie costumes! There’s no better time to grab a group of your friends to remake this classic musical. Relive t...
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The Green Hornet Costumes
You and a friend can now become the amazing crime-fighting duo with The Green Hornet Costumes. Take down a city of vicious underworld villains as The Green Hornet or his trusty sidekick Kato. With co...
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Green Lantern Costumes
Become the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps and fight alongside Hal Jordan in our Green Lantern Costumes. With the incredible powers of the power ring, you can play superhero this Halloween a...
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Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel is at it again! In 2014, Marvel revives the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and introduces the world to this rogue crew with a new film. Fans of the comic book series and the new movie alike...
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Halloween's Michael Myers
Shop our Halloween’s Michael Myers Costumes and get a killer outfit for Halloween! No costume is more ideal for this scary holiday than the psychopath serial killer Michael Myers from the Halloween m...
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The Hangover Costumes
The epic film was first released in 2009 and has created a sensation worldwide. With two sequels and many memorable scenes, The Hangover has won over fans everywhere. Now, you can be a part of this c...
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Harry Potter Costumes
Hogwarts is back in session this Halloween, so put on one of our Harry Potter Costumes and join in on the fun! Based on the famous novels by J.K. Rowling, we carry costumes for both the Houses of Gry...
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How to Train Your Dragon Costumes
Journey to the Viking village of Berk and find yourself in a world full of dragons! If your kid loved the films, then he'll love these officially licensed costume! Let your child become a dragon trai...
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The Incredibles
It's the Incredibles! Disney's favorite superhero family is a costume theme that never gets old. Get your whole family in on the fun with these officially licensed costumes from the film The Incredib...
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Jonah Hex Costumes
This year, become a comic book vigilante as a DC Comics bounty hunter in one of our Jonah Hex Costumes. Modeled after the western film, any fan of this comic book series or movie will love these Quen...
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Hobbit Costumes
Straight from one of the greatest fantasy worlds of all time, our Lord of the Rings Costumes and The Hobbit Costumes will transport you into the lands of Middle Earth. Whether you're a fan of the nov...
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Madagascar Costumes
From the newest installment of the Madagascar movies, we bring to you our Madagascar Costumes! Join your favorite characters as they return for a brand new adventure. You’ll have a wild time dressed ...
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Disney's 2014 film Maleficent is a dark re-telling of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale. In this version, not all is as it seems. Get ready to challenge what you've always known as facts and learn the...
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Mr. Peabody and Sherman Costumes
Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you the world's smartest dog and his adopted boy, Mr. Peabody and Sherman! If your kid loved the film, then he'll definitely love these adorable off...
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The Muppets Costumes
Since Disney’s resurrection of the Jim Henson classic, The Muppets, your favorite puppets are back in business! Grab one of The Muppets Costumes and become the star of your own comedy revue at your n...
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Nightmare Before Christmas
One of Tim Burton's favorite classics come to life in our The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes. A Halloween and Christmas favorite, this dark tale of love has won the hearts of many all over the w...
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Nightmare on Elm Street
Don’t let your guard down this Halloween because Freddy Krueger is seeking his revenge. The evil villain from the horror movie “Nightmare on Elm Street” might just make his way into your Halloween pa...
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Pirates Of The Caribbean
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for you! This Halloween, dress up as a character from one of the most beloved pirate movies of all time in our Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes. You’ll be in for...
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Planet of the Apes Costumes
Travel to the near future, where Earth has become a battlefield full of destruction and humans are at war with extremely intelligent apes. With the recent release of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, t...
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Shrek Costumes
It ain’t ogre…til it’s ogre! It certainly isn’t over for Shrek and his buddies this Halloween season. Have everyone join in on the celebration of Shrek 4: Forever After in their very own Shrek Costum...
  • view more licensed-shrek-4

Star Trek Costumes
A television show from 1966, Star Trek has changed the world of sci-fi forever. Trekkies all over the world have worshipped this franchise for several decades, making it one of pop culture's longest ...
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Star Wars Costumes
May the force be with you this Halloween as you rev up for the greatest outer space adventure in our Star Wars Costumes! Dressed as Anakin, Obi-Wan, Skywalker, Jedi, Princess Leia or the infamous Dar...
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Tarzan Costumes
You can be the “King of the Jungle” this Halloween by putting on one of our Tarzan Costumes. There’s never been a better time to go on a vine swinging adventure and get in touch with your primitive s...
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Ted Costumes
Meet Ted, the lovable teddy bear who happens to be as obnoxious as the most immature college boy you know. A comedy film released in 2012, Ted has won the hearts of everyone with his candid humor. Th...
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Get yourself a killer costume this Halloween with one of our Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costumes. You’ll look horrifying when you stalk the neighborhood as the infamous Leatherface. Complete your costum...
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Top Gun Costumes
It’s time for bomber jackets and aviators, Tom Cruise style! Whether it’s for Halloween or a Hollywood movie themed costume party, these Top Gun Costumes will help you bring back the 80’s in style. T...
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Transformers Costumes
Autobots, transform and roll out in our Transformers Costumes! Dress as your favorite Autobot or Decepticon characters and transform into the coolest robots ever created! With costumes for adults and...
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V for Vendetta Costumes
Step into the dark and dreary world of V for Vendetta and become the masked vigilante himself! Equip yourself with a Guy Fawkes mask and get ready to fight against corruption and greed. The 2005 film...
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The Wizard of Oz Costumes
We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! This Halloween, bring this classic fairy tale alive with one of our wonderful Wizard of Oz Costumes. The original film is celebrating its 75th...
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1289 items | 1  2  3  4  5   ... 33

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