Costume Upcycle: Fine Foxy Mama to Scary Spice

Welcome back to the Costume Upcycle Series! In this series I will take a few of our oldest costumes from the clearance section and will either style or alter them in a new way that fits current costume trends! Each edition of the series will increase in difficulty in skill level. If you’re new here, you can click here to see what costumes I will be altering! Or click here to see the last post when I turned a Twilight Fairy costume into a Rave Fairy! Let’s get started with the Fine Foxy Mama Costume!


Costume: Fine Foxy Mama Adult Costume



Difficulty Level: Medium


  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • High temp hot glue gun or stretch fabric glue or a sewing machine

Crafting skills needed: Cutting in a straight line, using a hot glue gun, time and patience, ability to sew stretch fabrics (optional)


Inspiration: Scary Spice

When I first saw this costume, I immediately thought that it could be turned into a cute Scary Spice costume, if styled correctly. Once I started this series, I knew I absolutely had to add this one to my list! Many 90’s fashion trends are back and don’t show signs of leaving any time soon. A lot of those styles are translating to costumes as more people choose costumes from their childhood. Growing up, Scary Spice, aka Mel B, was my favorite Spice Girl so I jumped at the chance to make the childhood dream of becoming a Spice Girl a reality!



Mel B’s Scary Spice looks were famous for being full of animal prints from leopard print to tiger stripes to every wildcat in between! The Fine Foxy Mama costume would be perfect!




Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

Don’t forget those iconic space buns that are making a big comeback in hair trends!


Let’s Get to Work!

Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

It took me a little while to come up with an idea for this costume but once I did it was easy! I knew the chains attaching the choker to the top had to go, but the choker itself could stay. Those glovelettes also had to go but I decided to reuse the fabric instead of trash them. Low rise pants are not my friend (they hit me at an awkward spot and make me look pregnant lol) so I decided to use the glovelettes to make a friend to add some coverage to my stomach. Here are my steps:


1- I started by removing the chains from both the choker and the top

2- I cut the gloves into 1 inch strips

Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

3- Using my dress form, I decided where I wanted the fringe to be and pinned them onto the top. You can still do this easily without the dress form.

Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

4- The fringe was a little too long so I cut the strips and used the smaller resulting pieces to add more fringe in alternating lengths.

Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

It’s time to attach the fringe! If you have a sewing machine you can sew them on. If you’ve never worked with stretch fabrics it can be a little tricky. Just be sure to use a zig-zag stitch to allow your stitches room to stretch with the fabric.

I hot glued the pieces onto the top. Hot gluing onto stretch fabric can also be a little tricky. The main trick is to make sure your fabric is stretched to near it’s widest point while you glue the pieces on. Keep in mind that the fabric still needs to be able to stretch enough to get over your shoulders and chest.


The Result

DIY Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

To achieve the iconinc Scary Spice hairstyle I used our 3/4 Curly Falls Adult Wig. Because it’s a 3/4 wig and doesn’t cover your whole head, I used my own hair to create 2 space buns. My hair isn’t super long so I had to gather half the hair on my head to achieve the height I wanted. It was super easy and only took a couple minutes!

DIY Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

The best part of this was doing all these fun 90’s type poses.

DIY Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

DIY Upcycled Scary Spice Mel B Costume

And there you have it! An awesome Scary Spice costume for less than $20! Stay tuned for the next tutorial!



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