WonderCon 2022 Cosplay Recap

After a two year break WonderCon is back! For the first time since 2019 we headed back to the Anaheim Convention Center to see the most interesting cosplays at the show. After so long with no WonderCon, cosplayer were back and showing off some of their most fun builds. With Spider-Man: No Way Home and Encanto being some of the big hits of the last year, Spidey cosplayers and members of the family Madrigal showed up the most. But they weren’t the only ones! Here’s what we saw!

A baby sized Funko POP!
Doc Ock with tiny, crying Peter Parkers
A close up on one of the Peter Parkers
A Hitchhiking Ghost from The Haunted Mansion
The Spider-Man cosplay meetup at the iconic WonderCon fountain

After a couple years of cosplaying alone, fans were eager to attend the different cosplay meet ups that happen in front of the convention center’s iconic fountain.

Dr. Doom and Storm strike a pose
A HUGE Megatron cosplay
We don’t talk about Bruno, but this cosplay is awesome!
Miriam and Abby from Turning Red
Raven, an Amazonian, and Overhaul making the most unique crew
Deadpool dressed as Ariel
We STILL don’t talk about Bruno, but this genderbend cosplay we DO talk about!

WonderCon 2022 was a great welcome back to the first major con of the season. We can’t wait to attend more events as they become safe again!



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