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Which Superhero Are You?


Superheroes are all the rage right now.  The fact is that they will pretty much always be.  They go from generation to generation with just as much popularity as the next.  Sure they might get cooler gadgets and an updated look, but the characters remain the same.  I just happen to live in a household with superhero obsessed boys.  My 4 year-old son is constantly playing with superhero toys and living day by day pretending to be in his own superhero world.  So when Halloween comes around, we know he will most likely pick a superhero costume.  However, narrowing down which one he wants to be is another story.  There are so many superheroes to choose from.  So I thought we might look at some of the characteristics of the popular Avengers superheroes and see if there was one he might relate to more.  It’s the age old question of Which Superhero Are You?  Who do you most fit with?  Which one sounds the coolest and what you most would like to be?  Take a look at these Avengers and see if there is one that stands out to you:


Now that you’ve picked one that you like and can relate to the most, now you can find which costume of the character you want (here).  We’ve been through several different Captain America and Iron Man costumes.  I would love to see my son in a cute Thor costume and matching flowy hair wig.  Haha.  I can picture it now!  Have fun with your shopping and remember to for all your superhero needs head to!

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