The Walking Dead: Comic vs. Show Character Differences

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re super excited. To get in the mood, we’ve been re-watching one of our favorite shows, The Walking Dead. TWD will be premiering their 7th season on October 23rd. While re-watching the show, we started thinking about how different some of our favorite characters have been written for the show versus how things originally happened in Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same title. We decided to put together an infographic to put in perspective how different the characters’ lives have been so far.

The Walking Dead: Comic vs. Show Character Differences


Rick: Although the personality of TV Rick stays pretty consistent with Rick from the comic, one big difference would be his lack of a right hand. In the comic, when Rick refuses to give up the location of Woodbury, the Governor chops off his right hand. In the show, the Governor has come and gone while Rick still has both his hands.

Tyreese: There are a few differences between comic Tyreese and his portrayal on the show, most notable being how he dies. On the show, after being bitten on the arm by a walker, Michonne slices part of his arm off in an attempt to stop the infection from spreading. He ultimately dies from blood loss. Comic Tyreese, on the other hand, is decapitated by the Governor when the group won’t give up the prison.

Dale: Although Dale doesn’t live past season 2 on the show, he lasts quite a bit longer in the comic. On the show, Dale gets disemboweled by a walker. Daryl then shoots him in the head to put him out of his misery. In the comic, his fate is more similar to Bob’s on the show. After being bitten by a roamer, he is captured by the Hunters. When he comes to, the Hunters are eating half of his leg. He then exclaims “TAINTED MEAT!” before ultimately succumbing to death.

Andrea: Andrea has a very different personality in the comic and on the show. On the show, Andrea is a very emotional character and goes through a deep depression after her sister dies. She does toughen up and becomes a great asset for survival but unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. After being locked in a room by the Governor and getting bitten by a walker, she makes the decision to shoot herself before she turns. In the comic, Andrea is still alive. She has dealt with the loss of her sister and Dale (whom she had a romantic relationship with), and still manages to be one of the strongest characters in the comic.

Carol: In the comic, Carol is very emotionally dependent on others. She seeks out romantic relationships to try to keep mentally stable. She gets romantically involved with Tyresse, until he cheats on her with Michonne. She then proposes a polygamous relationship with Lori and Rick, but that doesn’t go as she hopes. Carol decides to commit suicide by allowing a roamer to bite her. On the show, she’s a lot tougher. She is always fighting to protect the people she cares about and goes so far as to manipulate or kill anyone who is a threat.

Lori: Lori’s personality is pretty consistent when comparing the comic to the show, but meets her death under different circumstances. In the comic, when the Governor raids the prison, Lori attempts to run while holding baby Judith when both are shot down. On the show, Maggie performs an emergency cesarean section on Lori to deliver Judith. Lori’s body goes into shock and she eventually dies from blood loss.

Hershel: As mentioned before (as if any of us could ever forget), Hershel was decapitated by the Governor with Michonne’s katana on the show. In the comic, the Governor is still the one to take Hershel’s life, but in a different way. Cradling his son Billy’s lifeless body, the Governor approaches him to shoot him in the head. His last words were “Dear God, just kill me.”

Sophia: On the show, we lost Sophia very early on. The survivors spent most of season 2 looking for her until most have given up. When Shane demands that the barn gets opened up, Sophia emerges as a walker and Rick puts her down. In the comic, she is one of the only original survivors to still be alive. In addition, she and Carl become a couple for a short time.

Abraham: The portrayal of Abraham on the show is very similar to how his character is written in the comic, but his death has already been confirmed in one and not the other. In the comic, we saw the end of Abraham when Negan had a Savior named Dwight shoot him in the back of the head with an arrow. On the show, we’re not sure who Negan kills just yet, but we’re pretty sure (at least, we hope) Abraham’s fate will be something other than an arrow to the back of the head.

Glenn: In the comic, Glenn is brutally beaten to death by Lucille, Negan’s bat. We don’t know Glenn’s fate just yet on the show, as the season 6 finale left us in the dark. Call it wishful thinking, but we can only hope and assume that Glenn is still alive. After all, the writers do want us to keep watching, right?


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