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Los Angeles Costume Events: February 2018

With holidays like Mardi Gras and Valentines Day, February is full of so many opportunities to wear fun clothing. For some reason, though, it’s hard to find costume events that fit the themes! We’ve rounded up a few fun events in Los Angeles that are perfect for getting all dressed up and having fun!

Los Angeles Costume Events February 2018

Edwardian Ball and World Faire

The 9th Annual Edwardian Ball has expanded to two nights of fun for all ages! Friday night, travel back in time to the early 20th century at the World Faire. It’s an exposition of art, science, and history filled with odd sights and wonders! On Saturday night, the Grand Ballroom will host a night of dancing, live performances, and Edwardian era games.

The Edwardian World Faire will be held on February 9th at The Globe Theatre LA

The Edwardian Ball will be held on February 10th at The Globe Theatre LA

Disneyland Villains Day

Over the past few years, unofficial Disney theme days have become a huge part of the park. For those who have always had a spot for the bad guys, Disneyland Villains Day is the perfect day to go to the park!
On this day you’ll see park goers Disney-bounding in fashions inspired by their favorite evil foes! The day is filled with meetups at restaurants and rides, and includes a big group photo in front of the castle!
Disneyland Villains Day will be held on February 11th at Disneyland Parks

Roaring 20’s Street Jam: St. Valentine’s Day Speakeasy Party and Pie Fight

Join Roaring 20’s Street Jam for their annual St. Valentine’s Day Speakeasy Party! The night will include live music and dancing, Prohibition inspired drinks, and vintage photos. The night will feature great performances, including a reenactment of the infamous 1929 St. Valentines Day Massacre! Then, end the night with a 1920’s slapstick style pie fight!

Roaring 20s Street Jam St. Valentine’s Day Speakeasy Party will be held on February 17th in Los Angeles

Masquerade Crusade Cruise

Celebrate Mardi Gras the right way on a New Orleans style riverboat! Board the Grand Romance Riverboat for a sunset Mardi Gras cruise and a night of fun. This cruise through the Long Beach marina includes three ship levels, three stages of rotating live entertainment, and two bars. Fun costumes and masks are highly encouraged!

Masquerade Cruise Crusade will be held on February 18th on the Grand Romance Riverboat in Long Beach

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