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DIY: Ghost Nurse Costume Tutorial

So you’ve got a last minute costume party and don’t know what to wear. You have an old nurse costume but you wore that to the last party! Get some more use out of that old costume and turn it into a ghost nurse! For less than $10 you can completely transform your costume into something new!

DIY Ghost Nurse Costume Tutorial

For this tutorial I used our Civil War Nurse Costume. Nothing’s creepier than than old Civil War ghost!


Step 1: Age the fabric

After boiling and steeping 10 bags of black tea, I let the costume sit in it for about an hour. This keeps your fabric from looking new and gives your ghost nurse that old, crusty, undead look!

Step 2: Go crazy with the scissors!

Let the costume dry before this step. Use scissors to cut diagonal cuts along the hems of the fabric on the dress, apron

Step 3: Fake blood

For this step I used our Living Nightmare Blood Spray. Since it was already in a bottle, it made it easy to apply.

That’s all there is to it! Now go out there and get to haunting!

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