Closet Cosplay 101

When cosplayers have a break between conventions or have no new cosplays coming up, we often get creative in our closets by making a closet cosplay. Since many of us are stuck at home and cons are getting cancelled due to COVID-19, many cosplayers are looking to closet cosplays to get our creativity going. Anyone can closet cosplay so here’s a little closet cosplay guide for you!

What is Closet Cosplay?

Closet cosplay is when you use items you already own to recreate your favorite characters’ outfits. It’s a great way to get creative without spending money.

It’s great for turning anything and everything into a costume. I decided to put together a few closet cosplays and show you how I did it. I realize that, as a cosplayer and someone into vintage and alternative modeling, I have a few pieces in my closet the average person doesn’t have. But you can still do way more than you think with what’s in your closet. Here’s what I came up with.

Domino – Deadpool 2

Closet Cosplay domino deadpool 2
Source: Marvel-Filme

Closet Cosplay domino deadpool 2

For this look, I used a vintage style corselete, a tank top, workout leggings, opera length gloves, and a shoelace as a necktie. Even if you don’t have a black corset, I think this look can still be easily achieved with another tight black top. Complete the look with an afro wig.

Misa Amane – Death Note

Closet Cosplay misa amane death note


Closet Cosplay misa amane death note

For this look I used the same corselette and opera gloves from the previous cosplay. This time I combined them with a vintage style petticoat, choker, and pendant necklace to get Misa Amane’s look. You can also get the look with a black tank top or sleeveless blouse. Finish the look with a blonde wig with pigtails.

Velma Dinkley – Scooby Doo

Velma-Scooby-Doo Closet Cosplay
Source: Write Ups

Closet Cosplay velman scooby doo

Velma’s look is a lot easier because the orange and red combo is instantly recognizable. For this look I used an orange turtleneck, red circle skirt, and my own glasses. A brown bob wig with bangs is perfect for this look.

Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz

Editorial use only. No book cover usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mgm/Kobal/Shutterstock (5886294em) Judy Garland The Wizard Of Oz - 1939 Director: Victor Fleming MGM USA Scene Still Musical Le Magicien d'Oz
Source: CNN Photo by Mgm/Kobal/Shutterstock

This one is a little bit of a stretch and more in the realm of inspired outfits, similar to Disneybounds, but I still had fun with it!

Closet Cosplay dorothy wizard of oz

I used an off the shoulder peasant top and gingham sleeveless button down for this look. If you have any top or dress that has Dorothy’s iconic blue gingham, it is almost always guaranteed to be a perfect Dorothy cosplay! Put your hair into two braids if it’s long enough, or add a wig to complete the look.

Black Canary

Once you put together your closet cosplay, you don’t have to only wear it at home. On numerous occasions, I’ve used worn closet cosplays when I wanted something new to wear to a last minute event or photo shoot.

Closet Cosplay black canary

I first wore this cosplay to San Diego Comic Con. I couldn’t get tickets for the event but decided to go down to San Diego with friends and hang out in the area since they offer many free events outside of the convention center. I didn’t want to spend money on a new cosplay so I went through my closet and found all the pieces I needed! This photo is from when I wore it for Long Beach Comic Con after the cosplay I had originally planned didn’t work out.

This Black Canary Cosplay only required a leather jacket, leotard, underbust corset, fishnet tights, fingerless gloves, and combat boots. You could even do without the corset and it would still be recognizable as Black Canary. Top it off with a long blonde wig.

Starfire – Titans

Closet Cosplay starfire titans

When a friend of my husband decided to teach him photography, they used me as one of the practice models. With only a week before the shoot, I realized I didn’t have cosplays that would match the feel of the studio that was booked. The new Titans TV show had just come out and Starfire’s modern look was perfect for the studio. It just so happened that I already owned most of the items needed to cosplay Starfire. All I needed was to find a wig and the cosplay came together easily!

For this Titans Starfire cosplay, I wore a vintage fur coat, purple dress, and knee high socks as boot covers. Starfire’s hair is curly but she sometimes straightens it throughout the show, so a straight or curly burgundy wig would be perfect.

With all that information, I think you’re ready to create a closet cosplay of your very own! Happy creating!



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