Stay Home Disneybounding

If you’ve visited any of the Disney theme parks, you’ve probably seen people in outfits that sort of look like Disney characters. This is Disneybounding! If you’ve ever wanted to try Disneybounding, but didn’t know how, now is the time to try it out. Going through your closet to make creative outfits is a perfect social distancing activity that can keep you busy for hours. Here’s my take on stay home Disneybounding!


What exactly is Disneybounding?

The Disney Parks have a rule that anyone over the age of 14 is not allowed to wear costumes in the parks to prevent guests from confusing them with actual park characters. This can be a bummer for anyone that wants to show love for their favorite characters and take cute themed pictures in the parks. That’s when Disneybounding was born! Disneybounders get creative with regular clothing to creative themed outfits inspired by Disney characters, movies, and even theme park attractions. Since the parks are closed down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many Disney lovers are showing off their Disneybounds at home with fun online challenges.

The Challenge

stay home disneybounding challenge

I decided to try The Disneybound’s and Color Me Courtney’s Bound to Watch Challenge because who doesn’t love dressing up and watching Disney Movies? First I raided my closet for ideas and got to work on creating bounds!

My Stay Home Disneybounding Looks

Day 1: Princess/Prince – Ariel

home disneybounding the little mermaid ariel

Thanks to the mermaid skirt I made years ago, this was the easiest Bound to come up with. As long as you’ve got a purple top and green bottoms, making your own Ariel Bound is pretty simple!


home disneybounding the little mermaid ariel

I used a purple dress, mermaid print skirt, and Ursula seashell necklace. Since the dress is so low cut, I would need to wear something underneath to make it more theme park friendly but for pictures at home, it’s fine.

Day 2: Monsters, Inc – George Sanderson

home disneybounding monsters inc george sanderson

In Monsters, Inc, George Sanderson finds himself in a sticky situation when a child’s sock get stuck to his back. I thought this moment would make for a fun Bound

monsters inc george sanderson home disneybounding

An orange jumpsuit and yellow belt helped me create his striped brightly colored fur. A sock pinned to the jumpsuit added the finishing touch!

Day 3: Winnie the Pooh

home disneybounding winnie the pooh

This look was fun because I got to make little bear ears with my hair!

home disneybounding winnie the pooh

I used a vintage style yellow dress and the included belt. It’s sold out but here is a similar style. And a dramatic wide sleeve top. Find a similar style here.

Day 4: Make It Marvel – Loki

home disneybounding marvel loki

I struggled a little with this category. While I have a lot of colors that would work for Marvel characters, I couldn’t think of a lot of ways to make sure the outfit was easily recognizable. I ended up going with Loki and sticking to the theme of green, gold, and leather!

home disneybounding marvel loki

For this look I used a green dress I was a gifted, a fun belt I got at a thrift shop, a leather jacket, and wide brim hat.

Day 5: Toy Story – Emperor Zurg

home disneybounding toy story zurg

This one was also hard for me! I came across this dress and realized it matched Zurg’s colors so it would work! Based on my posing in the photo, I realized it could also work for Thanos for a Marvel theme!

home disneybounding toy story zurg

I used a purple vintage style dress, black belt, and through this airy sweater over my shoulders as a cape.

Day 6: Onward- Ian Lightfoot

home disneybounding onward ian lightfoot

In the new movie, Onward, Ian wears a simple flannel and jeans. I was worried the bound wouldn’t be recognizable since it’s such a simple outfit. I decided to add blue statement blush and tried to replicate his hairstyle as best I could.

home disneybounding onward ian

I used a flannel from a thrift shop, and a pair of blue jeans. Super simple!

Day 7: Mickey & Friends – Goofy

home disneybounding goofy

Mickey would have been the easiest choice for this category but I wanted to try something different. Luckily I just bought an orange sweater last month! It was perfect for Goofy!

home disneybounding goofy

I used a rust/orange turtleneck bodysuit, blue jeans, a green beret, and a black scarf as the vest.

So there you have it! With a little time and imagination, you can create a fun Disneybound for your next theme park visit! Time to get to creating!



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