2020 Comic Con at Home Recap

San Diego Comic Con is always the biggest pop culture event of the year, but when the 2020 show was cancelled due to COVID-19, everyone wondered what this year would bring. Luckily, Comic Con’s virtual event still brought all the nerd news to everyone from the safety of their own homes and FOR FREE! We’ve rounded up some of the top news from this weekend’s virtual event. Here’s our 2020 comic con at home recap!

Unexpected Renewals

The Boys Renewed for Season 3

2020 Comic Con at Home Recap
Source: Amazon Prime Video

The Boysthe dark superhero series from Amazon Prime Video was officially renewed for Season 3. This comes as a surprise because Season 2 doesn’t even air until this September! Fans of the series are not only getting ready for Season 2, but wondering who is the mysterious new hero next to Homelander?

Archer Renewed for Season 11

While we already knew Archer was coming back for its 11th season, the release date was delayed due to scheduling conflicts. This left the fans worried about the future of the show. During the Archer panel this past weekend, the release date for season 11 was finally announced: this September! Fans of the show were super excited to hear the season premiere was so soon.

Netflix News

Aggretsuko Renewed for Season 3

2020 Comic Con at Home Recap
Souce: NX on Netflix Twitter

Aggretsuko, the fun anime from Sanrio a red panda navigating her life as a single woman in accounting with a horrible boss and annoying coworkers, was renewed for Season 3! Netflix released a few sneak peak images to keep the fans guessing about what will happen next season.

The Witcher Gets a Prequel

2020 Comic Con at Home Recap
Source: Netflix

The Witcher on Netflix may only have one season, but its popularity has earned it a prequel show! Blood Origin will take place 1200 years before Geralt or Rivia’s adventures in the original series and tell the tale of the first Witcher.

The Dragon Prince Renewed for 4 More Seasons

2020 Comic Con at Home Recap
Source: Netflix

The creators of the Netflix fantasy cartoon series that’s fun for the whole family announced that the Saga will need four more seasons to be complete. Seasons 4-7 will have nine episodes each and will all air on Netflix. The show will also expand with a graphic novel and a tabletop board game release.

Movie News

Avatar Sequels Delayed AGAIN

2020 Comic Con at Home Recap
Source: Official Avatar Twitter

The long awaited sequel to Avatar gets an even longer wait. Avatar 2, original scheduled fr 2014, has been pushed back over and over until it was finally given a release date for December 2021. Because of filming delays due to COVID, it has been pushed back to December 2022, pushing all the sequels even further back. Director James Cameron wrote a letter to fans on Twitter apologize for another delay.

Released Clip from the Justice League Snyder Cut Reveals Superman’s Black Suit

During Zack Snyder’s livestream panel, he released a clip from the long awaited Justice League Snyder Cut, due to appear on HBO Max in 2021. This clip gave fans a look at the infamous Black Superman Suit.

New Footage from New Mutants

We finally have more information on ANOTHER super delayed film. New Mutants, originally scheduled to come out in 2018 is sticking to its current release date of August 28, 2020. After several reshoots to make the film scarier, a new (super creepy) trailer was released.  It’s hard not to point out that the movie is so delayed that the child actors don’t even look like they do in the movie anymore, but the footage looks a lot scarier than the original teaser back in 2017. Mission accomplished!

Event Setbacks

With every new event, especially one involving technology, there are bound to be some setbacks. Although Comic Con’s first virtual event was a success, here are a few things that went wrong.

Funko website crash

A big part of SDCC is exclusive merchandise. When Funko released their exclusive POPs, figures, and merch, the website crashed really hard. When the site finally came back up, many fans were disappointed to see the items they wanted were sold out.

CBS Livestream Panels Blocked by Their Own Copyright Claims

To prevent illegal distributions of their content, Viacom/CBS has a tough algorithm that hunts down their content and removes it immediately. This put CBS at a disadvantage when their livestreams for Star Trek were blocked on YouTube because of their own copyright claims! The irony definitely gave frustrated fans a little laugh for the day.

San Diego Loses $160 Million

SDCC is a MASSIVE event that brings over 100,000 people to the San Diego area every year. This one weekend means tons of revenue for the city and it’s business owners. With the cancellation of Comic Con and the move to online only, the city lost $166 million in taxes alone! Here’s to hoping the city and the small business owners that depend on Comic Con are able to bounce back!

With each new event, everyone learns a little. This year’s Comic Con proves that even if we can’t all gather, we can still have a good time. Here’s to next year’s event!



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