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What to Wear: Pirate Family Costume Ideas

As we’ve mentioned before, June is a popular month for pirate activities and we’ve got a whole calendar to prove it (here)! We’ve shared with you a list of pirate festivals around the country, but we definitely don’t want to stop there. Today, we’re sharing with you a few pirate costume ideas for you and your whole family. We hope you’ll find inspiration in our ideas!

Disney Pirate Family

Our first family costume idea is inspired by Disney and is great for parents who have young toddlers. We’ve taken our favorite characters from Peter Pan and its television spin-off, Jake and the Neverland Pirates to create a fun and friendly theme. If you and your family love Disney, then this is a great choice!

Pirate Costume Ideas 1

Classic Pirate Family

This next theme features matching costumes for the whole family! Featuring red and black stripes in the tradition of a classic pirate pattern, these costumes are great for any pirate festival or themed party. We love that these styles coordinate for every age group which is why we’ve picked it as a great theme.

Pirate Costume Ideas 2

Zombie Pirate Family

If you love a good pirate ghost story, then why not go with a zombie pirate theme? Just take a pirate costume with a black and white color theme and add zombie masks or makeup. This is a fun way to put a unique twist to your family’s group costume.

Pirate Costume Ideas 3

With these three different pirate theme ideas, you and your family are sure to have a blast at your next pirate event. Let us know which one you and your family would wear by leaving a comment below!

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