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What to Wear: Last Minute Comic-Con Costume Ideas

The countdown to the San Diego Comic-Con is on! If you’ve made a last-minute decision to cosplay but have no idea what to wear, we’ve got a few great ideas for you. These fun costumes will transform you into an amazing character and what’s great is that you don’t need sewing skills, just a few choice pieces from our website combined with items you have at home. When budget cosplayers say that an average spend for a DIY costume is about $100, these costumes are also great for your wallet as well which means you can spend more on awesome collectibles at the show! Let’s dive right in to the good stuff.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a favorite among pop culture fans everywhere. This long-running show has seen its share of actors taking on the role of The Doctor. However, the most iconic and memorable Doctor is the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker. Cosplaying as the Fourth Doctor can be a lot of fun and can easily be done with a gender-bent twist like what we have below!

Comic-Con Costume Ideas - Dr. Who
Featuring Item E444331 and Item F90006F

Cruella de Ville

Disney fans can easily recreate this cruel character by adding the right accessories to their favorite little black dress. Cruella de Ville is most recognized for her black and white hair, so we’ve added just that along with other identifying accessories like a (faux) fur stole, red gloves, and black pumps.

Comic-Con Costume Ideas - DIY Cruella de Vil Costume
Featuring Item 70635 and Item FM67976


If you’re a major Marvel fan, you can’t go wrong with Spider-Man. He’s one of the original Marvel comic book characters and is as memorable as he is recognizable! If you’re looking for a realistic costume, this Spider-Man bodysuit is just what you need. Designed after the recent films, this costume looks just like the real thing! (Super strength and spider silk not included).

Comic-Con Costume Ideas - Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Bodysuit Adult Costume

Poison Ivy

As far as super villains go, Poison Ivy is quite a character! This enchanting foe uses her charm and beauty to trick her enemies into a deadly trap. For those who want to create some trouble as this sinister character, we’ve got a great costume and wig to get you the perfect look. Just add some cool makeup and you’ll be photo ready!

Comic-Con Costume Ideas - Poison Ivy
Featuring Item 01289 and Item 70746

Austin Powers

If you love cosplaying because you like impersonating character, then here’s a fun idea for you! Austin Powers was a hit during the late 90s to the early millennium and if you want to bring back your mojo, this costume and accessory set will have you saying, “Yeah, baby!”

Comic-Con Costume Ideas - Austin Powers Costume
Featuring Item D5428 and Item D18014

Black Widow

The Avengers: Age of Ultron was one of the biggest movies of the year so far which means that any Avenger character will likely be huge at Comic-Con this year. Here’s an easy way to recreate the sexy, strong, and powerful Black Widow with just a few items. We’ve taken our popular and versatile faux leather catsuit and accessorized it with weapon harnesses and a wig to create the perfect look.

Comic-Con Costume Ideas - DIY Black Widow
Featuring Item L85047 and Item 70539

Now that you have some easy DIY cosplay ideas for the upcoming Comic-Con, be sure to head over to our website to find great accessories to bring your character to life. Don’t forget, our Standard shipping delivers anywhere in California in two business day, including San Diego! Do you have a fun costume idea for Comic-Con? If so, share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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