What to Wear: DIY Catwoman

As you might have already guessed, this month we’re all about comic books and superheroes. When it comes to comic book characters, the first one to come to my mind is Catwoman. Although there have been a variety of renderings of Catwoman through the years, from Julie Newmar’s classic Catwoman from the 1960s TV series to a recent Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises, my ultimate favorite goes out to Michelle Pfeifer in Batman Returns. Her transition from mousy secretary to hell kitten blew my mind at a young age. The way she turned the tables on her enemies and took control was definitely a lesson in modern femininity. That’s why today’s “What to Wear” Wednesday is all about her!

Whether you’re attending a themed party or a cosplay event, you can easily recreate her iconic look with just four items. We started with a black catsuit and accessorized the outfit with a cat headpiece, a whip, and knee-length heeled boots. The cool thing about the featured catsuit is that you can use it to create a variety of superheroes or villains with by making some slight modifications including Black Cat, Black Widow, or even Storm.

DIY Catwoman costume

The result is a sexy Selina Kyle gone bad! If you want to recreate the stitching, you could add lines by sewing them in, but it definitely saves time compared to creating your own catsuit from scratch. (Get it?) Let us know what you think about this DIY costume by leaving us a comment below! Also, feel free to weigh in on which version of Catwoman is your favorite.

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