The Weirdest Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

As one of Marvel’s oldest characters, Spider-Man (here) has seen many transformations over his 53 years in the biz. Marvel has seen its share of alternate universes and Spider-Man himself has gone through several reincarnations. Today, we’re sharing some of the most bizarre versions of this classic Marvel character.

Weirdest Alternate Versions of Spider-Man


This alternate universe is set in 1602 and a similar story line mirrors that of the current Marvel universe. The events take place in Western Europe, mainly England where Peter Parquagh joins Sir Nicholas Fury as an apprentice. In this storyline, the world is threatened by Steve Rogers, (aka Captain America) whose time traveling mishap causes a rift in the universe. The radiation created by the time traveling portal affected a spider which later found Peter Parquagh and bit him, endowing spider-like abilities to the young boy.

Japanese Spider-Man

A live-action TV series featuring Spider-Man was created for Japanese audiences in the 1970s. Instead of high school nerd, Peter Parker, it follows an ex-motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro. He receives his spider powers when two rival alien nations land on Earth. Takuya comes across an alien named Garia from Planet Spider who entrusts him with the task of destroying the intergalactic villain Professor Monster by injecting him with his blood and providing him with a bracelet that activates his newfound powers. You can watch a really awesome trailer of the show here.


In this Marvel universe, a zombie plague has run rampant throughout the city. Slowly, the superheroes of the city are becoming infected including Spider-Man. However, these aren’t the brain-dead carcasses that you’re used to. Using their morbid abilities, these zombie-fied superheroes use their skills for one purpose – to obtain flesh to eat. In this version, Spider-Man does plenty of space and inter-dimensional traveling in order to satisfy his never-ending hunger.


Hailing from the Mutant X universe, Man-Spider is pretty much the same character, but with four extra arms for a total of eight appendages.

The Bombastic Bag-Man

When a symbiote latches itself to Spider-Man’s suit, he has it removed and analyzed by Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four. In the meantime, he is forced to borrow a Fantastic Four costume which The Human Torch outfitted with a “kick me” sign on the back. Peter also donned a paper bag over his head to guard his identity.


The Marvel universe is inhabited by apes, including “Spider-Monkey” who is an actual spider-monkey. In this world, there is a strict justice system where villains who refuse to reform are beaten to death. Yikes…


In this silly parody, all the Marvel characters are animals. Peter Porker is a spider living in a scientist’s basement. The scientist, whose name is May Porker, becomes radioactive after one of her experiments zaps her. In a fit of delusion, she bites Peter who then takes on the form of an anthromorphic pig with spider abilities. He takes on the likes of Duckter Doom and King Pig while encountering fellow superheroes such as Captain Americat.


In the medieval world of Planet Eurth, Peter Parker received his super powers from the Widow of the Web on the condition that he would not use the powers for his own benefit. However, he broke his vow when he saved his Uncle from bandits. As a result, he was transformed into a spider-human creature.

What’s your favorite version of Spider-Man?

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