DIY Taylor Swift Photo Shoot

Self-Quarantining with Kids

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m one of the biggest Swifties ever! I’ve even managed to pass my love of Taylor Swift down to daughter. She knows all of Taylor Swift’s songs and every time a new video is released, she falls in love with all the outfits and asks if she can have the same looks. So since my daughter happens to have a few Taylor Swift costumes and we’re looking for activities to do while self-quarantining and social distancing, I decided it would be fun to do a Taylor Swift photo shoot!

Taylor Swift Photo Shoot

Me! Music Video

me! Monique Lhuillier costume taylor swift photoshoot

The first costume I put together for this Taylor Swift photo shoot was the Monique Lhuillier dress from the beginning of the ME! music video with Brendon Urie. I think the fact that it had a tulle skirt really spoke to her 5-year-old heart. All you need for this look is a black tank top, white tutu skirt, and fabric flowers that you can glue onto the skirt. Optional accessories include a butterfly bracelet, rings, and drop earrings. (And yes, I did watch behind the scenes footage a million times to look at all the accessories Taylor Swift wore.) To get the right shot, I just had her stand in a long hallway.

me! Monique Lhuillier taylor swift photo shoot me! Monique Lhuillier taylor swift photo shoot

You Need to Calm Down Music Video

Silk Robe Outfit

me! Monique Lhuillier costume taylor swift photo shoot

I did two looks from this video. The first one being the Christi Long gown from the opening of the video. To recreate this outfit, I found a short beige robe with lace trim for women and just dyed the lace red. The rest of the costume consisted of a silk sleep mask, fuschia bathing suit, curlers, red drop earrings, and a watch with turquoise band. For these shots, I just had my daughter sitting at the end of a bed, just like the beginning of her video.

you need to calm down costume taylor swift photo shoot you need to calm down costume taylor swift photo shoot

Pink Fur Coat Outfit

The next costume is the bright pink fur coat and bathing suit outfit that was very Elle Woods-esque. To put together this costume, you need a bright pink faux fur coat, a baby pink bathing suit, blue sunglasses, and pearl heart-shaped earrings.

you need to calm down costume taylor swift photo shoot

For this shoot, we had to go out to the backyard. Since she was going to be walking around, I didn’t want to give her any real glass to hold so we made do with her water bottle and some orange juice.

you need to calm down costume taylor swift photo shoot

I’m so glad that it’s just starting to warm up, it gave us the perfect opportunity to also shoot the pool scene from the music video. But shooting in a bathtub can work just as well. Honestly, it was harder to get this shot because she was afraid to sit on the float and thought she would fall in. I reminded her that the water wasn’t deep at all and she knows how to swim, but I quickly realized she just didn’t want to get her favorite new coat wet. We ended up getting the shot though, so all’s well that ends well!

you need to calm down costume taylor swift photo shoot

I know this post only includes three outfits, but the shoot took most of the day. This Taylor Swift photo shoot was certainly successful but it was a bit tiring for me. It was a hot day and it was hard to get just the right poses as my daughter was quite busy dancing around the whole time. What’s important is my daughter had lots of fun and she absolutely loves how the photos turned out!



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