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Quarantined Easter Activities

Self-Quarantining with Kids (part 2)

quarantined Easter activities

Quarantined Easter Activities

With Easter fast approaching, I wanted to come up with things that I could do with the kids at home. Originally, I was going to have all my nieces and nephews over for an Easter egg hunt and other fun activities that have now been cancelled due to social distancing. Instead, my kids are I are stuck inside and I do not want to go to the store to try to get any Easter-related items because I really want to try to only go out for things like groceries when absolutely necessary. So for my Easter at home activities, I will only use things that I have already available in my house and I hope this helps to give other people ideas for quarantined Easter activities.

Egg Decorating

The kids are only going to decorate 2 eggs each. The one egg they were already going to eat for breakfast, and one egg that one parent is going to eat. I have more activities planned, so we didn’t need to go overboard with egg decorating and I didn’t want anything going to waste during these trying times.

Boil your eggs

Place eggs in a saucepan with water covering it about an inch. Cover the pan with a lid and set on high heat until water boils. Set head to medium-high heat for another 6 and a half minutes.

Give them colorful markers

I did check online to make sure that it was safe to draw on eggs that you’re going to eat. As far as the internet is concerned, it’s totally fine.


Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

With so many people out there stocking up on toilet paper, I’m sure some people out there are going to have a lot of toilet paper rolls they don’t know what to do with. So why not use them for fun crafts? I’m going to help the kids make Easter bunnies out of the toilet paper rolls.

Egg Hunt with Toys

I can’t go out to buy plastic Easter eggs but I decided that the hunt must go on! I have a lot of plastic balls from the kids’ ball pit but you can use anything at all. You can use all those tiny toys that your kids collect or even just crumple up pieces of colorful paper into a ball.

Once they were done, the kids showed me their loot and I rewarded them each with some chocolate!

quarantined Easter activities

Easter Bunny Photo Shoot

I happen to have an Easter Bunny costume handy but I know a lot of people don’t. You can still have a fun photoshoot. Make bunny ears yourself or just put on your Sunday best and take some photos in your backyard! The important thing is making memories, spending quality time, and having fun with your family during this not-so-great-time in our world’s history.

quarantined Easter activities
The little one was too scared to take photos with the Easter Bunny.
quarantined Easter activities
The only brave soul who would take photos with the Easter Bunny.
quarantined Easter activities
She wanted to dress up as the Easter Bunny too.



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