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It’s been over a year since Bridgerton first premiered on Netflix and took the world by storm! Now that season 2 is out, Netflix teamed up with Fever to bring the show to life with The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience. Now this isn’t your usual themed event. The Queen’s Ball is highly interactive and Regency Era costumes or formal attire is required! We received and invite to the Ball and went to see how the Queen likes to party.

Me and my bestie ready to meet the Queen!

The Queen’s Ball is held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, so before you even enter the room you are transported to a world of luxury. The hall is full of The Queen’s guests in their best attire waiting to check in and show proof of vaccination. But don’t worry! If you forgot an accessory of feel underdressed after check in, head to the Boutique wear you can shop crowns, gloves, and even official Bridgerton merch.

Eager and well dressed guests
The Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton Collection
Some of the crowns for sale

The first thing you notice when entering the event is the decorations! There are hanging flowers, plush furniture, even a recreation of the Modiste! In the shop windows you can see actual costumes worn to film Bridgerton.

The entrance to The Queen’s Ball

The windows inside the modiste
Clothes worn by Simon and Daphne
One of Eloise’s dresses

After stopping by the Modiste, head to the bar to check out the signature drinks. I ended up trying the Diamond of the Season. It was fruity with a hint of honey! You can head outside to the garden to enjoy your drink, and read Lady Whistledown’s latest Paper. Be sure to check the back because it has clues to an interactive game hidden around the venue!

The drink menu

Enjoying a drink in the garden

Read Lady Whisteldown’s Paper for a clue!

Be sure to head into the throne room for two photo ops before the Queen arrives. You can sit on her throne and even get a royal portrait made.


Once the horns blow, the Queen makes her way into the throne room accompanied by her own musicians, ladies and waiting, and other members of the court. You have the chance to impress her with a curtsy or a bow. Be sure to practice before. Rumor has it she’s looking for the season’s Diamond!

Time to impress the Queen!

After meeting the Queen, you can head into the ballroom for amazing performances, a surprise appearance, an interactive dance lesson, and live music. After the Queen selects her Diamond of the Season, the night wraps up with a dance party and a live DJ!

The first performance of the evening

Have you ever seen a violinist get the party going?

Overall the experience was amazing and I highly recommend it! If you want to take your experience to the next level you can even purchase VIP tickets and get first entry, preferred seating during the performances, and a glass of champagne.

The Queen’s Ball runs in multiple cities for the next few months so get your tickets and experience the fun for yourself!



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