How to make a Pinata

Cinco de Mayo is today and that got us thinking about our favorite Mexican party tradition – pinatas! Pinatas have become a big part of birthday celebrations all across the country and although you may be familiar with the store-bought kind, we wanted to to share with you a tutorial on how to make your very own. Not only is it a great craft project to do with the kids, it’s a fun way to learn about a different culture. As a bonus, once you’re done, you can fill it with candy and toys, and well, you know the rest! Are you ready to get started? First, here’s what you’ll need:



  • Punch Balloon
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • Colored Tissue Paper
  • Glue
  • Zip Tie

Now it’s time to get down and dirty!



  • Rip the newspaper into 2” strips.
  • Make a paste using one part flour to two parts water.
  • Inflate the punch balloon. We recommend using a punch balloon because of it’s round shape. It also comes with a rubber band attachment at the end to make it easy to hang.
  • Hang the inflated balloon in a sturdy place. Keep in mind that as you add the papier mache, it will weigh the balloon down so it’s important to make sure you leave enough space to work.
  • Apply the newspaper by dipping each strip into the paste and sticking it onto the balloon. Make sure to cover every space. Apply two coats at this time.
  • After you’ve applied a couple of coats, give it some time to dry before you add more layers.
  • Add additional layers until it is to your liking. We recommend adding 4-5 layers so that it is sturdy enough, but not too sturdy that it is difficult to break. Once you are done, let it dry.
  • While you’re letting the papier mache dry, it would be a good time to prep your decorations. Take your colored tissue paper and cut it into strips. Cut fringe into the strips to add a festive touch.
  • Once the papier mache is dry, you can glue the strips across the pinata. Be creative and colorful and just have fun with your design. Since it’s a spherical shape, you can even design it after popular icons like an Angry Birds character or even a Death Star for a Star Wars themed party.
  • Remove the balloon at the very end by popping it and pulling it out by the string. You can then fill the hole with treats and trinkets.
  • Use an exact-o knife to cut two small slits on a sturdy section of the pinata and insert the zip tie. Close it up to complete it and hang it with a rope.

After all that work, you’ll be ready for a real fiesta! Grab the kids and head outside for some pinata popping fun. For more DIY ideas, be sure to subscribe to our blog. Also, let us know what you’re favorite Cinco de Mayo activities are by leaving us a comment on our blog!

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