DIY Mardi Gras Series: Make Your Own Mardi Gras Mask

As we finish up our DIY Mardi Gras series, today we are going to show you how you can design your own Mardi Gras mask. Due to so many customer requests, we recently brought in a variety of plain white masks. Now some people might enjoy these masks on their own for a special masquerade theme. However for those creative souls out there, you might see the perfect blank canvas! With these new blank masks, you can easily make your own custom design with some paint, glitter, feathers, or jewels – the sky’s the limit! Here’s the mask that I started with:

M7346_Blank Fairy Mask

I wanted to go with a very obvious peacock theme for this mask so I went out and got some peacock blue paint, gold shimmer paint, and silver glitter glue. I also purchased a set of feathers and a jewel for the accent. I began by painting on several layers of the blue paint as the base color. Let the paint dry between adding layers for even coating.


Then using a fanned paint brush, I dashed gold paint all over the mask. It gives you a somewhat distressed look and a bit of dimension with two colors.


Using the silver glitter glue, I created a free-hand design onto the mask. I liked the glitter glue because it added a sparkle and a 3-dimensional aspect to the design. First, I outlined the eyes. Then, I added the teardrop shapes to the apex at the center and dots all along the nose. Next, I added a curved line from the sides of the nose and brought it along the shape of the eye. I then added a few swirls and a couple of dots to simulate rhinestones. Lastly, I added dots of the glue along the bottom of the eyes and spread some extra glitter glue throughout the mask for more sparkle.


Moving on to the feathers, I arranged a design onto a piece of felt that I cut and used a glue gun to secure all the pieces.


Then I glued the feather arrangement to the side of the mask. This particular mask design would also look fabulous with a set of feathers in the center instead but for this design, I chose to put it to the side instead.


To complete the look, I added rhinestones to cover the base of the feathers. By adding this final detail, you can cover up any weird glue clumps that you created when gluing then feathers. The final product – voila!


If you’re ready to take on your next project, check out our new line of basic masks on our website (here). For more Mardi Gras ideas, be sure to come back to our blog. Lastly, if you create your own design, we want to see it! Tag us on Instagram @pure_costumes and #purecostumes so that we can see and feature you in the future.

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