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DIY Kids Character Sleep Masks

Self-Quarantining with Kids

Because I’m working from home with two kids, sometimes my favorite parts of the day is when the kids are sleeping–nap time and bedtime. It gives me a nice little break from having to deal with multiple things at once. I can finally focus on my work without any distractions. Or I can finally take time to do something for myself, like shower, or read, or breathe. The problem is that the kids don’t always go down very easily. It took me a while but I finally discovered that putting sleep masks on the kids is a game changer. I thought it would be fun if they had themed sleep masks so they would be more excited to put on their masks and get to sleep so I decided to do DIY kids character sleep masks.

DIY Kids Character Sleep Masks

At times like these, I wish I knew how to sew. However, I know how to be crafty so I just redesigned my own sleep masks that I keep for travelling. A few months ago I bought a whole 12-pack of sleep masks in different colors so I dug those out and got to work. Here’s what I was able to come up with.

Miraculous Ladybug

The first mask I created was the easiest. My daughter loves Miraculous Ladybug and she has just recently outgrown her Ladybug costume so I decided to upcycle it for this mask. I turned the costume inside out and traced the shape of the mask with marker. Then I cut out the mask shape.

diy kids Character Sleep Masks miraculous ladybug

Only two of the black spots fit into the shape so I cut out two more spots to glue onto the mask to show more of the spotted pattern.

diy kids Character Sleep Masks miraculous ladybug 1

All I had to do next was hand-sew (or you can also glue) the fabric piece onto the mask.
diy kids Character Sleep Masks miraculous ladybug 2


It was time for me to try painting a mask. I used non-toxic fabric paint for this since it would be going on my children’s faces. Monster’s Inc. is pretty popular in my household so I decided to paint Sulley’s fur pattern since it would be super quick, easy, and recognizable. A light blue mask, purple paint, and a few simple strokes is all it takes for this Sulley sleep mask.

diy kids Character Sleep Masks sulley 1 diy kids Character Sleep Masks sulley 2


The next mask I decided to tackle made me a little bit more nervous because it would require a little more drawing skills. My son asked for a Pokemon mask so of course I went with Pikachu since his face is the most recognizable. I started by drawing the mask on a piece of paper and I cut it out to make sure the shape and drawing still looked recognizable.

diy kids Character Sleep Masks pikachu 1

When it was time to paint onto the actual mask, I just free-handed it, and it turned out okay. My son loved it!
diy kids Character Sleep Masks pikachu 2

Hello Kitty

Believe it or not, I was actually more nervous about Hello Kitty than I was about Pikachu. Even though Hello Kitty barely has any facial features and the ones she has are so simple, I knew I had to get the placement JUST right or it wouldn’t look like her. I think I did okay. I also used one of my daughter’s old hair bows to hot glue to the mask.

diy kids Character Sleep Masks hello kitty 1 diy kids Character Sleep Masks hello kitty 2


Since both my kids love Toy Story so much, I knew I had to make a Woody mask. A yellow and red plaid pattern combined with the cow print are instantly recognizable as Woody’s signature look. I painted the trim of the mask red to allude to Woody’s red bandanna. The final look is very Woody, don’t you think?

diy kids Character Sleep Masks hello kitty 1 diy kids Character Sleep Masks woody

Ninja Turtles

The last mask I decided to make was Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was most nervous about this one because I wasn’t sure if it would turn out very recognizable. Once again, I drew my idea onto a piece of paper and cut out a mask shape to test it out. It looked decent enough. I free-handed my design onto the mask and was very happy with the results.

diy kids Character Sleep Masks leo 2 diy kids Character Sleep Masks leo 3

Those are all the DIY kids character sleep masks I attempted today. My kids loved them! There are plenty of other characters to try or even animals in general, like tiger or cheetah prints. As long as you find themes that your kids already love, they’re sure to get excited to put these masks on and hopefully get to sleep!




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