Costume Hack: DIY Black Cat Cosplay

There are still lots of cosplay events left for the year so we’re back again with another costume hack for you. This time we’re showing you how to create your own Black Cat costume. Black Cat is most famously a super villain from the Spider-Man series and is sly as she is sexy. Lots of popular cosplayers have dressed as this femme fatale and you can too! This costume hack is great for those who have minimal sewing skills since most of the costume can be purchased. With clever accessorizing and a few tweaks, you can become this killer kitty!

Black Cat Cosplay

To create this look, you’ll need a black cat suit (here), a pair of white gloves, white boots, and a white or near-white wig (like this). You’ll also need white faux fur for the trim which you can find at a fabric store. So all you’ll really need to do is cut out pieces of the white faux fur and sew along the collar of the body suit. You’ll also need faux fur to trim the gloves and the boots. If you want to re-use the items, I would recommend sewing snap buttons where the trim will meet the costume piece. That way, you can remove the faux fur trim and re-use the pieces for a future costume. If you don’t want to make your own mask, I would recommend getting a white masquerade mask and painting it with black acrylic paint. Finish your look with the wig and voila! You’re ready to prowl!

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