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Cosplay Hacks: DIY Black Suit Spider-Man Costume

There’s a trend going around the internet called “hacks.” A hack is basically a clever way to solve a problem. There are life hacks, furniture hacks, and now cosplay hacks. Within the cosplaying community, lots of cosplayers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to create cool costumes that fit their budget. However, many beginners find that to be a struggle, so today, we’ve invited our friend Super Batboy Cosplay back to show us the ropes.

We challenged him to create a recognizable superhero costume out of a generic product that we carry on our site and to walk us through his plans.

Black Suit Spider-ManQ. Tell us about the character you will cosplay.
A.  I will be creating a Black Suit Spider-Man costume from the Ultimate series of comic books. What I like about the Ultimate version of the black suit is that I besides giving Spidey the enhanced strength and speed, he also possesses the tendril/tentacle producing ability like Venom.

(For those of you who are interested, you can learn about the history of Black Suit Spider-Man here.)

Q. What an interesting choice. How do you plan on executing the look?
A.  For the base of the project, I chose a simple black spandex suit. To achieve the look, I will be making fabric patterns for the iconic white spider emblem that wraps around the chest to the back. I will also be making eye lenses made of white mesh fabric.

Cosplay Hack - DIY Black Suit Spider-Man

Q. What event do you plan to wear this look to?

A. I plan to debut this cosplay at a small gathering next month and using it at Long Beach Comic-Con in September and Comikaze Expo in October.

Well, I don’t know about you, but we’re totally excited to see the final look! From the sounds of it, this DIY project is something even the newest cosplayer can attempt! If you want to follow along this cosplay journey, be sure to return to our blog. We’ll be covering every step of the way up until the final reveal. If you want to get a first-hand look and see Super Batboy Cosplay’s other conquests, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

Are you a cosplayer who’s interested in being featured? Leave us a message below!

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