Costume Hack: DIY Sailor Moon Cosplay

Are you aware that International Sailor Moon Day is on August 15th? It’s just around the corner and we’re so excited to celebrate it! They’re organizing gatherings and celebrations all over the globe! Not a lot of information is out just yet, but they’re planning to keep everyone updated soon and once they do, we’re going to be ready. Going in costume is always our advice so we put together this fun Sailor Moon cosplay hack for anyone looking for tips.

DIY Sailor Moon Cosplay

We started out with our Baby Blue Adult Costume. It’s the perfect shape, cut, and colors for Sailor Moon. Of course, to make it really look like Sailor Moon’s outfit, we ditched the sailor cap and added some other accessories. We added a pair of red boots, white gloves, a blonde wig, and some jewelry to tie your look together. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also re-work the blue collar by sewing it down to the top and adding a big red bow. Do the same thing with the gloves and add some red fabric to the ends and add a big red bow on the back of the dress. Now you’re all ready to fight for love and for justice.

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