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7 Tips for Celebrating Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is a special day coordinated by comic book publishers, retailers, and other reading partners to encourage comic book reading by offering free comic books on this assigned day. Typically scheduled for the first Saturday in May, this annual event is held nationwide at participating comic book stores who give away anywhere from one or more pre-selected comic books to anyone who comes in to the store. Since this day only happens once every year, why not make a day of it? Make Free Comic Book Day a whole-day event for you and your family with these simple tips.


Map Your Day. Want to know what local comic book stores are participating in Free Comic Book Day? Visit their website and use the store locator to find out! Each shop may offer a different free comic book so make a list of all your prospects and their locations.

Call Ahead. As mentioned previously, not every store will have the same comic books. Additionally, some stores may be giving away more titles than others. Call ahead to see what comic book or books they’ll be giving away and to find out if they will have any other special event for the day.

Cosplay It. Show how much you love comic books by dressing as your favorite superhero character (here). It will make the whole experience a lot more fun and your pictures will look amazing! If you’re not brave enough to go out in costume, the kids will sure have a lot of fun dressed like a superhero!

Visit Multiple Stores. Since you’ve already mapped out all your local comic book stores, create a flexible itinerary of stores you want to visit. This is a great way to score more than one free comic book and an even better way to acquaint yourself with local shops and their selections! You can make it into a mini city tour for you and your family.

Pack Smart. Free stuff always attracts a crowd. Be prepared to wait by dressing comfortably and having some snacks and water on hand. If you have young kids with you, you may also want to bring along some toys, books, or anything else that will keep them entertained while you’re in line.

Take and Share Photos. Capture your experience by taking photos while you’re there! Share with your friends and others participating in Free Comic Book Day by tweeting to them @freecomicbook and using their hashtags and by posting pictures on their Facebook wall. Not only do you spread the word about this cool event, you could win a $50 gift card to your local comic book shop! While you’re at it, be sure to tag and/or share your photos with the businesses you visited.

Review the Shops. The shops who are participating in Free Comic Book Day shell out their own funds to purchase these special issues so they can offer it to you for free. Show your appreciation by thanking them and if you enjoyed your experience, leave a nice online review for them. They are, after all, small businesses in your community so show your support by encouraging others to pay them a visit too!

With these easy tips, you can turn Free Comic Book Day into a special family adventure!

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