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5 Popular Childrens Party Themes

We’ve seen a new emerging trend with birthday parties lately. Gone are the days when party hats and a cake sufficed. Thanks to Pinterest and party planning blogs, children’s birthday parties are turning into festive extravaganzas with all the trimmings. This has never been more evident with summer is right around the corner and with the weather warming up. We’ve seen a lot of families come through our warehouse looking for costumes for themed parties and if you’re planning a party for your child soon, then let us give you the scoop on all the latest trends. We’ve perused the pages of our favorite party blogs to give you a list of the top kid’s party themes to help you plan your next shindig.

1st Place – Princess Party

Little girls will take any opportunity to be treated like a princess and with a princess party, you can make her day extra special. With the right decorations, you can instantly transform your home into a castle and with the right costume, you can instantly transform your little girl into a princess! Celebrating the day with her friends while receiving the “royal treatment” is every girl’s dream.


2nd Place – Pirate Party

A mighty fine party theme for both boys and girls. Being a pirate is all about having fun with no rules. (Well, maybe some rules like no fencing on the sofa). Skulls and crossbones, hooks and swords, pirate lingo, and water-themed activities are just a few reasons why pirate parties are a blast.

Pirates Jake Deluxe Toddler Costume (#D41754)
Pirates Izzy Classic Toddler Costume (#D41751)

3rd Place – Monster Party

Now things are getting really wild! Monster parties are great fun for all ages and are especially popular among toddlers with big imaginations. With colorful monster costumes and decorations, pulling a party together can be really easy. One quick activity that will allow kids to put their creativity to work is to create a “build your own monster” arts and crafts station. Keeps kids busy and parents happy!


4th Place – Superhero Party

Have you ever met a kid who didn’t want superpowers? Neither have we. Superhero parties allow kids to get together and express what kind of superhero they would like to be. Whether it be web-slinging like Spider-Man or the power to fly like Superman, superhero parties allow kids the opportunity to unleash their creativity.


5th Place – Circus Party

A flamboyant festival of fun! Circus parties are a favorite because of the bright colors, fairway food and games, and entertainment. It’s the kind of party where it makes total sense to hire a clown and have face painting. Circus parties are all about creating an exciting ambience and proving plenty of fun activities for all ages to enjoy.

Big Top Clown Toddler Costume (#F130441)
Big Top Fun Toddler Costume (#F111091)

With these favorite children’s party themes, planning your next party will be a cinch! Just remember to stop at to find the perfect kid’s costume so your child can be the star of the show. For more party planning ideas, be sure to follow us on Pinterest.

What is the most interesting children’s party theme you’ve seen this year?

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