Purple Artist Adult Wig Coming Soon

Purple Artist Adult Wig


Mad Doctor Headpiece Coming Soon

Mad Doctor Headpiece


Egyptian Queen Wig Coming Soon

Egyptian Queen Wig


Double Braided Wig Coming Soon

Double Braided Wig


Harem Princess Adult Wig Coming Soon

Harem Princess Adult Wig


80's Bombshell Blonde Wig Coming Soon

80's Bombshell Blonde Wig


Fairytale Princess Adult Wig Coming Soon

Fairytale Princess Adult Wig


Decades Flip Wig Coming Soon

Decades Flip Wig


Mermaid Adult Wig Coming Soon

Mermaid Adult Wig


Dalmation Diva Wig Coming Soon

Dalmation Diva Wig


Fantasy Girl Wig (Lavender) Coming Soon

Fantasy Girl Wig (Lavender)


Fashion Diva Wig (Brown) Coming Soon

Fashion Diva Wig (Brown)


Fantasy Girl Wig (White) Coming Soon

Fantasy Girl Wig (White)


Real Man Wig New

Real Man Wig


Wig Cap New

Wig Cap


Strange Girl Wig (Blonde) Coming Soon

Strange Girl Wig (Blonde)


That 70's Guy Wig (Brown) Coming Soon

That 70's Guy Wig (Brown)


Man Bun Wig (Brown) Coming Soon

Man Bun Wig (Brown)


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Get ready for the mane event with one of our fabulous costume wigs. With a huge variety of wigs for Halloween, renaissance faires, school projects, or themed parties, we've got you covered! From sexy to scary to hilarious -- you're sure to find something that suits your style and taste. Remember, it's always the small things that count, so don't forget to add on this detail to ensure you stand out at your next costume party!
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Whether she's playing dress up, prepping for a play, or completing her Halloween costume, you'll find the best selection of girls' wigs here. Pick from scary, funny, or rockin' because we've got it a...
Boys' Wigs
Costume wigs aren't just for girls! Boys can get in on the fun too. Whether he's dressing up as a Native American warrior, a rock star from the 80s, or a president from American history, he'll want t...
Women's Wigs
You can transform your entire look with the change of a hairstyle by putting on one of our women's wigs. Don't be afraid to switch up your persona! That is, after all, what Halloween is all about. Go...
Men's Wigs
Get in full character this Halloween with one of our men's wigs and no one will be able to doubt that you're committed to the character you're playing. We've got everything for monsters, hippies, bik...
Short Wigs
Looking for the perfect accessory to top off your costume? Why not try one of our short wigs? We can help make you look stylish, scary or just plain silly. All you have to do is pick out your favorit...
Medium Wigs
Ever wonder what you'd look like as a blonde? What about as a brunette? Why not try a mullet? If you've ever been curious, now's the time to fulfill your curiosity! Try on that new look with one of o...
Long Wigs
Everyone is wigging out over our long wigs! You can finally have that head full of long, luscious hair that you've been yearning for, without having to wait for it to grow out! Here, you'll find a gr...
Black Wigs
Take a walk on the dark side in one of our black wigs. We have what you need to complete that vampire costume, pin-up look, or any other dark-haired character you're dressing up as. Be as mysterious ...
Blonde Wigs
As the saying goes, blondes do have more fun, so grab one of these blonde wigs and get ready to party! Change up your look from beach bum to Barbie to Goldilocks to pop star. With so many styles in s...
Brown Wigs
If you need something a little more natural, we've got brown wigs for you that will instantly turn you into a brunette! Create a look that's demure for your country girl costume or show off a natural...
Blue Wigs
Feeling blue? No worries! If you haven't heard, blue is the new black, thanks to pop stars like Katy Perry. To keep up with trends, we've stocked up on the berry best of blue-colored wigs to complete...
Green Wigs
Stand out from the crowd this Halloween in one of our green-colored wigs and you'll look so stunning that all your friends green with envy! Pick from a variety of styles to put the finishing touch on...
Grey Wigs
This Halloween, you can instantly transform yourself with one of our grey wigs. Whether you're looking to age several years or wanting to look frightfully ghost-like, we're sure to have the perfect w...
Pink Wigs
Look pretty in pink this Halloween with one of our pink wigs! Craving something sweet? Try some candy curls! Looking to have a blast by rocking a new 'do? Be chic and stylish with a bubblegum bob. Wh...
Purple Wigs
Give yourself a pop of color with one of our purple wigs. Available in different shades, you can sample the lighter side of purple with some lavender locks or try something darker by parading in plum...
Red Wigs
Got a case of the scarlet fever? Our red wigs are the perfect cure! Change up your look with a fiery do. We've got what you need to impersonate some of Hollywood's favorite gingers like Lucille Ball,...
White Wigs
Looking for the perfect accessory for your costume? No need to draw a blank, because our white wigs will do the trick. We have powdered wigs, perfect for complementing your judge or colonial costume....
Beards and Moustaches
Make dad proud with one of our manly beards and moustaches. Nothing says testosterone like a face full of hair, so pick out your favorite style and be in disguise this Halloween. We have long white b...
Character Wigs
Why settle for just the costume when you can be the real deal by completing your look with one of our classic character wigs? These wigs are an essential piece in perfecting your transformation this ...
Circus Clown Wigs
When it comes to circus clown wigs, we don't clown around! You'll find what you need to complete your clown getup here. Make ‘em laugh with a head full of crazy colorful hair! No clown costume is c...
Dark and Sexy Wigs
Get a killer new look this Halloween with one of our dark and sexy wigs. Take on the role of the bewitching temptress or raven-haired beauty! Here, you'll find the perfect wig to complement your cost...
Disco Wigs
No seventies costume is complete without one of our fun disco wigs. Get roller rink ready with an afro puff or set your stars for Studio 51 with Farrah Fawcett inspired hair. Our disco costume wigs a...
Fashion Fantasy Wigs
Boost your sex appeal with one of our fashion fantasy wigs. It's the perfect addition to any sexy costume, whether it's a seductive space cadet, mystical mermaid, flirty flapper, or sensuous super mo...
Fashion Flashbacks Wigs
Take a trip down memory lane with one of our fashion flashback wigs and transform into a retro hottie from any decade. Be a flirty flapper from the roaring 20's, a classic Hollywood glamour girl from...
Funny Wigs
Fishing for laughs this Halloween? Well, you're sure to get a boatload with one of our funny wigs! Parody a tabloid star or a dopey D-lister or crash the party as your favorite comedic character. Whe...
Glamour Girls Wigs
Treat yourself to a seductive hairstyle with one of our glamor girl wigs and get ready to walk down the red carpet! We've channeled the inspiration of old Hollywood style and super model fashions to ...
Gothic Wigs
Grab some black eyeliner and transform into the morbid mistress of the night with one of our gothic wigs. Admit it, your vampire or witch costume will not be the complete without one of these dark wi...
Holiday Wigs
Got a holiday play coming up? Let us get you in character with our holiday wigs. Fool the kiddies into thinking you're the real deal with our Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus wigs or reenact the first Than...
Rock Star Wigs
Throw down that guitar and get ready to rock out with our rock star style wigs. We have you covered whether you're into goth, punk, new wave, pop, metal, classic, country rock, or something else. Imp...
Wicked Wigs
Make them tremble with fear by creating a look of devilish doom with our wicked wigs. It's the final and essential piece of your costume that will transform you into a creature of pure evil. Pair it ...