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Work Appropriate Costumes for Halloween 2014

Costumes at the workplace can be a bit tricky. On one hand, you want to get in on the fun, but on the other hand, you don’t want to wear some kind of dowdy, cliché costume. As an adult, (especially for women) it can be a bit challenging to find a great looking costume that is stylish, yet still appropriate for work. Men also can get it wrong from time to time, like those inappropriate costumes that you used to wear in your college frat days. If you need to re-vamp your Halloween style to fit your office setting, then check out our top picks to keep you stylish, yet work-friendly.

50’s Housewife

We love that it has a retro little number has a stylish fit and a darling cherry print. Plus, the fact that you’ve dressed up as a housewife to go to work is so perfectly ironic!

Circus Ringmaster

This ringmaster costume has a lot of great details including the bright red coat, gold vest, and bowtie. It’s perfect for those who appreciate early century style. If you prefer a touch of morbid style, then just add some Halloween make-up to transform your look and you’ll go from circus leader to freak show star.

Greek Goddess

For a lot of women, Halloween is the one day out to the year to go extra, extra glam. This gorgeous goddess costume is perfect for that. It’s got a great ethereal purple ombre color and sparkles for an extra touch of dazzle!

Robin Hood

This costume made our list because we know a lot of guys out there are big-time fans of the show Arrow. Although this isn’t an actual Arrow costume, you can’t deny how much it looks like his outfit on the show! Earn some extra cool points around the office with a stellar cosplay costume that won’t freak out your boss.

Spirit Lady

If you want something stylish and spooky, then you’ll love this costume! It has an elegant Victorian design in a washed out color, perfect for transforming you into a fashionable phantom.

Jack Skellington

Likewise, for men who prefer something with a bit more Halloween spirit, this costume is just the thing. It’s got a definite macabre edge, but less of the blood and gore that can distract squeamish co-workers.

For more costume ideas, be sure to follow us on Pinterest (here). Does your office dress up for Halloween? If so, tell us about it by leaving us a comment below!

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