WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap

This past weekend we headed to the Anaheim Convention Center for WonderCon! This 3 Day event, hosted by the same people who organize San Diego Comic Con, was full of pop culture inside info! After making our predictions for the top cosplays of 2019, we were excited to see what would be the hottest cosplay of WonderCon! Here’s our WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Miles Morales Spider-Gwen Into the Spider-Verse
Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen from Into the Spider-Verse hit their best Spider pose!

The Into the Spider-Verse hype continues! We saw lots of Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man Noir cosplays over the weekend.


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Snow White
This 5 month old Snow White is starting the cosplay game early!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Thor Rapunzel mashup
Thor + Rapunzel = THORPUNZEL. @RobinNerdyCosplay in her newest mashup design!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Ariel Ursula
The @TheBigLoserQueen as Ariel and @jane-ragingtransfan as Ursula


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Entrapta She-Ra
@crescentshay as Entrapta from She-Ra

The big She-Ra: Princess of Power panel was Saturday morning, so the day was full of people cosplaying from the show! This Entrapta cosplay was definitely the most creative. Her hair moved!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap armored Maleficent
An amazing armored Maleficent


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Daenerys Night King Game of Thrones
Daenerys’s coat had amazing detail, while the Night King had a creepy, undead baby!

Despite the heat, Game of Thrones cosplayers were out in full force! The Night King was definitely THE cosplay of the day, with many versions roaming the con floor.


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Night King Game of Thrones


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Jasmine Aladdin
Princess Jasmine and Aladdin are ready for the live action!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Shazam Captain Marvel genderbent
Captain Marvel (oh wait, it’s Shazam now) and Captain Marvel

The Shazam! and Captain Marvel hype is just getting started! These two were one of the few Genderbent versions we saw.


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Deadpool
@logandominiccosplay as a little prankster Deadpool with a Hugh Jackman mask!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Doctor Who Deadpool Tardis
A Doctor Who Tardis Deadpool having some fun


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap Chucky Child's Play
It’s Chucky!…and Chucky!


WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Reca Anastasiap
Check out the beaded details on this Princess Anastasia cosplay!


Princess Luna from My Little Pony!


This mother/daughters trio as Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather was a hit!

That’s it for our WonderCon 2019 Cosplay Recap. See you next year, WonderCon!



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