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What to Wear to Hello Kitty Con 2014

I don’t know if you can tell, but we’re super excited about the first ever Hello Kitty Con which is scheduled to run from October 30 to November 2. The celebration of one of the world’s most beloved characters, (and one of my personal favorites), is really a dream come true! Today, we wanted to share with you some Hello Kitty cosplay ideas for those who are attending Hello Kitty Con later this month. We’ve styled some of our favorite Hello Kitty costumes with fun accessories to create unique cosplay outfits perfect for any Hello Kitty fan.

Look #1

Hello Kitty Costumes_1

In our first look, we’ve taken our pink Hello Kitty tutu costume (here) and styled it with a blonde and pink wig, cropped white gloves, pink shoes with bows and a Hello Kitty necklace. Complete the look with some Hello Kitty whiskers and a nose and you’ll be ready to go!

Look #2

Hello Kitty Costumes_2

This next outfit is perfect for a hipster Hello Kitty look. We’ve taken our Hello Kitty romper costume (here) and styled it with a blonde and blue wig which would look cute underneath the hat that’s included. We’ve also added Hello Kitty glasses, cat stockings and Hello Kitty sneakers.

Look #3

Hello Kitty Costumes_3

We’ve matched our next outfit with some adorable Hello Kitty accessories including sunglasses, a purse and necklace. We also found these adorable red heels with matching polka dot details and finished the look off with our hair bow clip-on accessory to create a super cute and girly look.

Look #4

Hello Kitty Costumes_4

This next look mixes girly with sporty to create a super cute cosplay look. Starting with our blue Hello Kitty tutu costume (here), we’ve added a cute white cat-eared bob wig, Hello Kitty knee high socks and red high-top chucks. We’ve also added a cute Hello Kitty backpack because we know how much Hello Kitty loves to accessorize.

Look #5

Hello Kitty Costumes_5

For those who don’t want to dress up in full costume but still want to show love for Hello Kitty, this next look might be the way to go. We’ve paired a Hello Kitty tee with denim overalls and accessorized with our furry kitty hood (here), a red wig, knee high socks and Hello Kitty Vans.

With these costume DIYs you’re sure to be a cosplay superstar at Hello Kitty con. Do you have a Hello Kitty cosplay look that you’d like to share? If so, share it below and see more Hello Kitty cosplay ideas here on Buzzfeed.

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