What to Wear: Single’s Masquerade Outfit Ideas

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, singles all over the country are probably looking for a place to mingle. If you’re in that category, you may find a masquerade party hosted at your local nightclub or bar. It’s a common theme this time of the year with Carnival season and all, so to help you decide what to wear, we’ve created a few single’s masquerade outfit ideas to help you find love on Valentine’s Day.

For the Gals

Pink! No, blue! We know which dress Aurora’s fairy godmothers would pick. Inspired by the Pantone colors of the year, (Rose Quartz and Serenity in case you were wondering), we came up with two ultra-feminine outfits. Both of the light pastel outfits are glammed up with sparkling masquerade masks to add eye-catching drama that will surely get you noticed.

Singles Masquerade Outfit Ideas_2
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Singles Masquerade Outfit Ideas_1
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For the Guys

Women love men with style, it’s a fact. Show off your style and personality with an outfit that will catch her eye. If you want to let a girl know that you’re funny and a great conversationalist, go with the first outfit. The blue color on the suit will let her know that you’re adventurous and outgoing and the mask will really send the signal. If you prefer classic, even shy or mysterious, go with the second. The simplicity of the black and white will let her know you’re not a complicated guy, but the blank slate will intrigue enough to pique the interest of a curious girl.

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