What to Wear: May the Fourth Pet and Owner Costume Ideas

Are you celebrating Star Wars Day with your best friend? We’ve got a few fun costume ideas for you and your pet to try out this year! Whether you’re attending a costume party or a pet play date, you can be the best dressed pair on May the Fourth!

Luke and Master Yoda
Do some role reversal and have your dog play the master dressed as Yoda! You can dress as Luke and together you can make one awesome training team!
May the Fourth costume ideas - 3
Luke and Leia
Is your dog a she? Dress her as Leia instead and together you can use the Force to impress all of your friends.
May the Fourth costume ideas - 4
C-3PO and Ewok
Remember how obsessed the Ewoks were with C-3PO? If you’re dog gets ecstatic every time you walk in the room, this may be the perfect costume idea for you!
May the Fourth costume ideas - 2
Stormtrooper and Darth Vader
Here’s another fun switch for you and your pet! Let your dog take the lead as the most feared being in the entire galaxy while you back him up as a trusty sidekick.
May the Fourth costume ideas - 1
With these fun Star Wars costume ideas, you and your pet are sure to have tons of fun on May the Fourth. Which of these costumes would you try with your pet? Let us know by leaving us a comment below!

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