What to Wear: Costumes for Oktoberfest 2015

Can you believe that it’s almost Oktoberfest season? We can’t either, but we sure are excited. If you’re a regular at your local festival, I’m sure you’re itching to see the new Oktoberfest costumes for the year. As usual, we’re more than happy to oblige! This year, we’ve added more dirndl dresses and lederhosen outfits to help you celebrate. Here are some of our favorite costumes for Oktoberfest 2015.

Dirndl Costumes

Dirndl dresses usually feature a peasant top, a corset-style bodice, an apron, and a flared skirt often worn with a petticoat. In the past, it’s been all about sexy Oktoberfest costumes. This year, there’s a push towards the traditional with these cute, knee-length beer maid costumes. But don’t worry, there’s still the Oktoberfest-approved amount of bosom with these fun costumes.

Lederhosen Costumes

Lederhosen typically include a pair of shorts with a set of suspenders with an embroidered pattern. A traditional German outfit includes a button-up shirt worn with lederhosen, accessorized with a hat and knee socks. No, this is not what Germans wear on the daily, but this outfit was commonly worn as leisure wear up until the early 1900s. Now, men love breaking out the lederhosen to celebrate Oktoberfest, and so do women! Here are some fun costume versions for both!

Oktoberfest, Baby!

Babies can have fun on Oktoberfest, too! (Especially when they look this cute.) This little lederhosen costume is perfect for new parents who are attending a celebration with their baby. With this adorable outfit, even the baby can get in on your favorite tradition.

Little Lederhosen Infant Costume
Little Lederhosen Infant Costume

Now that you know what’s new, now’s the time to grab a great Oktoberfest outfit for your upcoming celebration. Don’t forget to check out our other Oktoberfest party ideas on our blog. Do you have a favorite Oktoberfest tradition? Tell us about it below!

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