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What to Wear: BronyCon Cosplay Ideas

My Little Pony has been around since 1983. Since it’s been introduced, many little girls have been in love with these pretty, magical ponies. More unexpectedly, though, there has been a surprising fandom of adult men who have also fallen in love with these playful ponies. In honor of BronyCon coming up in August 7th in Baltimore, we decided to put together DIY brony cosplay outfits of a couple of our favorite ponies. Though we already carry a few My Little Pony costumes, they’re targeted towards women, so we thought it would be nice to have an option for our male fans out there.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is the main character of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. We thought this would be a popular choice for any fan. We started off with a purple skin suit. You can leave the hood on, but to be more comfortable, you can either just leave it off or try to cut it off altogether. Next we added the essential accessories. We added our Twilight Sparkle wig, ears, tail, and of course, wings. Lastly, you can find an iron on cutie mark from and then you’ll be all set for BronyCon 2015.

Featuring Item SM21743, Item D85538, and Item E433187
Featuring Item SM21743, Item D85538, and Item E433187

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is another one of the main characters on My Little Pony and is also a fan favorite. To create her look, it was very similar to Twilight Sparkle’s cosplay. This time we started off with a blue skin suit and added the ears, tail, wings, and wig. We also finished off this look from an iron on cutie mark patch from and, pulled together, this is the perfect Brony costume.

Brony Rainbow Dash
Featuring Item SM21739, Item D85537, and Item E433186

If you’re attending BronyCon , these would be the perfect looks! And no need to worry ladies! If you’re attending BronyCon too and need an outfit, you can check out our newest My Little Pony costumes here. Let us know what you think of our take on these My Little Pony cosplays outfits.



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