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What is Movember?


If you haven’t been living in a cave, you may have noticed a lot of men sporting more facial hair than usual. Why, you ask? Because it’s Movember! It’s that time of the year when men retire their razors for a month in order to help raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, most notably, prostate cancer.

So how did Movember come about? Well, it all started in 2003 with a group of men from Adelaide, Australia. They were in a pub (because that’s how all great stories start, of course) and they wondered to each other why mustaches were no longer in style. There and then, they decided to bring the Mo back in style. For the month of November, they would grow their mustaches as full and beautifully as they could and they asked their friends to join in. They had so much fun doing it that they decided to do it again the next year, this time, for a cause. They received so much attention the first time around that they figured they should do some good with it. They realized that men tend to ignore medical problems and regular checkups, resulting in discovering problems that could have been treated earlier or maybe even prevented altogether with earlier detection. That’s when they decided to dedicate Movember to raising funds and awareness for men’s health. Soon enough, Movember gained so much momentum that it’s now known all over the globe.

A lot of people wonder how in the world growing a mustache for a month could possibly affect anything involving men’s health. Well, first off, the Movember Foundation is dedicated to raising money for programs that are involved in helping with research and treatment of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, other cancers, and depression. Many men who do grow mustaches sign up on the Movember Foundation website and ask their loved ones to donate for the cause. Of course not everyone signs up even when they do decide to sport the ’stache. Even so, simply growing the mustache helps to raise awareness. People ask about Movember, they ask why someone is growing a mustache, or they’ll ask what mustaches have to do with prostate cancer. Once they find that answer, one more person has now become more aware of problem. Even this blog post never would have been written if not for Movember.

So there you have it, the origins of Movember. If you haven’t already, start growing in those mustaches! Or if you don’t happen to be genetically blessed with the ability to grow a great dust trap, you can always buy a fake one on our website (here) all in the name of supporting the cause!



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