What I Wore to the Renaissance Fair

This past weekend, I went to the Original Renaissance Faire with my family and friends. This was my first time attending and it was an amazing experience. We got to see a jousting tournament, eat turkey legs, marveled at the beautiful, intricate costumes, and so much more. I wanted to share with you all some photos as well as our outfits.

My husband, friend, and sisters-in-law all found great costumes on PureCostumes.com and they all loved them. The rest of us decided to get a little more creative with our outfits.

My friend is a very petite woman and she wasn’t really into all the sexy costumes available in x-small. What she did instead was she chose the Posh Pirate Child Costume in a size large. She tried on the shirt and it fit her perfectly. She completed her look with her own maxi skirt, and boots. It was the perfect costume hack for her body type, style, and budget.


For my own outfit, I decided to try a little DIY. I dug though my closet and found a navy peasant skirt and a white corset. To give it a more pirate feel, I added a belt, boots, some long chain necklaces, and the Women’s Deluxe Pirate Hat (here). Put together, this outfit seemed like it would fit right in at the Renaissance Faire.


Finally, for my daughter, I decided to do another little costume hack. I figured it might get pretty hot at the fair so I knew I wanted her in a dress. I found her old Cinderella costume and since it was six months old and babies tend to grow fast, I knew she didn’t fit into it anymore. I cut off any unnecessary embellishments and then I cut straight down the middle of the shirt. Next, I also cut holes so that I could lace some blue ribbon through. This created a lace up front Renaissance element while also making the dress wider so that she could now fit into it. Two birds with one stone. I embellished the dress with some lace ribbon trim to give it a more Renaissance feel. Then she wore a white tank onesie underneath and I took the crown from my sister in law’s Queen Geneviere costume and I had myself a little Renaissance princess.


Here’s what our semi-homemade costumes looked like at the fair:

Renaissance Fair 2015

If you’re attending the Renaissance Faire, be sure to share with us your experience and your costumes as well!



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