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Trend Spotter: The Walking Dead Costumes & Zombiepocalypse

One of the hottest television shows of this season is the highly anticipated AMC series, The Walking Dead. Fans from all over the world will be tuning in for its third season premiere on Sunday, October 14th. Zombie mania is spreading all over the world, with amusements parks hosting zombie mazes as part of their Halloween celebrations and nonprofit organizations hosting zombie marathons to raise funds. With the show’s popularity increasing and pop culture embracing the Zombiepocalypse, it’s no surprise that The Walking Dead Costumes are one of this Halloween’s hottest trends.

One of the most popular zombie costumes we have is a costume from the season one premiere of The Walking Dead. This costume was designed after the iconic Little Girl Zombie, also featured in the credits of the show. This costume is sure to be a hit among die-hard fans of the show.

Little Girl Zombie Adult Costume

As with all shows, we can’t forget the main character! Rick Grimes comes in two costumes: the regular Sheriff Rick Grimes costume in his everyday uniform and the Bloody Rick Grimes costume from a highly memorable scene. No fan of The Walking Dead will ever forget when Rick and Glenn donned zombie intestines in order to retrieve supplies from a zombie-infested street In Georgia.

Sheriff Rick Grimes Adult Costume
Bloody Rick Grimes Adult Costume

But don’t forget, no zombie costume is complete without the facial blood and gore! This Halloween, zombie make-up and prosthetics kits are huge sellers. We have a variety of easy-to-use kits, many of them complete with instructions. With these tools, your zombie look can be so realistic that you’ll scare your friends and family into buying a zombie survival kit!

Slit Throat Make-Up/Prosthetic Accessory
Deluxe Zombie Make-Up Kit

Be sure to visit for more costumes from The Walking Dead and other zombie costumes and accessories. But act fast — there’s only 9 days until the third season premiere of The Walking Dead, 26 days until Halloween, and an uncertain amount of days until Zombiepocalypse!

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