Trend Spotter: Oktoberfest Costumes

With the start of Oktoberfest just a week and a half away, it’s no wonder that our Oktoberfest Costumes are a huge hit right now. Often considered one of the largest festivals in the world, Oktoberfest is full of culture and history, with origins dating back to the 1800s. While its background is much more complex, to most people, Oktoberfest brings to mind the traditonal Bavarian outfits and, of course, beer. So if you’re looking to join in on the Oktoberfest festivities this year, be sure to dress the part! Read on for more Oktobefest costume ideas…

Two of our most popular Oktoberfest costumes, the Bavarian Guy and Bavarian Bar Maid look great individually or together.

Bavarian Guy Adult Costume
Bavarian Bar Maid Adult Costume

Kids can get in on the fun too! Our Bavarian Boy and Bavarian Girl are the perfect costumes for the little ones in your family. Teach them a little about German culture and history while having a blast this Oktoberfest!

Bavarian Boy Child Costume
Bavarian Girl Child Costume

It’s Oktoberfest, so don’t forget the beer! Whether you’re just accessorizing or want to portray some humor, we’ve got the beer for you!

Lukinbetta Beer Bottle Adult Costume
Beer Stein Purse

Be sure to visit for more Oktoberfest costume ideas, but don’t take too long! Oktoberfest starts on September 22nd and ends on October 7th.

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