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Trend Spotter: Monsters (the Fluffy, Fuzzy, Furry Kind)

Pixar was way ahead of the game when they created Monsters, Inc. years ago. Perhaps they never intended to start a costume trend, but somehow they did. Fluffy, fuzzy, furry, adorable monsters are all the rage right now amongst females. Whether you’re an infant, toddler, child, teen or adult, there’s a monster costume made for you. These monster costumes look nothing like the traditional Halloween monster. In fact, they’re so fuzzy and cute that you’ll find them more cuddly than scary. Read on for some of our favorite picks!

Toddlers can be monsters to begin with, so putting them in a monster costume is just the cherry on top! The Lil’ Monster Infant/Toddler Costume continues to be a favorite, but the Noah’s Ark Collection Pinky Winky Monster Infant Costume is our pick for 2012. For those who are a little older, we like the Sweetheart Monster Toddler Costume, which is available in a 2T-3T or a 3T-4T.
Sweetheart Monster Toddler Costume
Children, tweens and teens are usually the most susceptible to fads and trends, so it’s no surprise that monsters have taken over their costumes this Halloween. Monster High costumes were the hot items last year, and we predict that they’ll continue to do well this year. While the So So Happy Monster costumes are a great contender, our picks go to Leg Avenue’s collection of monster costumes for girls. Our favorite? One-Eyed Erin.
One-Eyen Erin Teen Costume
Leg Avenue has also taken monster costumes to a sexier level with their women’s monster costumes. If you never thought a monster could be sexy, you’d better think again! Flirty Gerty and Fuzzy Frankie are our favorites.
Flirty Gerty Adult Costume
If you’re looking to be more creative and want to create your own monster costume, be sure to check out all our monster accessories and hoods. The Big Bloo Furry Monster Hood has been one of our most popular monster hoods, but the Monster Furry Leg Warmers are a must-have for any fuzzy monster outfit!
Big Bloo Furry Monster Hood
For more ideas, be sure to view all of our Monster Costumes.

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