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Things are shakin’ and it’s almost the time of the year again

It’s never too early to think about Halloween. People purchase Halloween Costumes supplies all year long to prep their house to be the spookiest house on the block or be the one with the awesome costume. Each year, someone always goes over the top and you wonder how someone can be so involve and be so serious about this holiday that was meant for children to get free candy and play dress up.

Well, I am not one of those Halloween fanatics but I do enjoy putting decorations around my yard and dressing up in costumes. I host a Halloween Costumes Party every year with family and friends. Everyone is required or encouraged to come in a costume. It doesn’t matter whether it is an adult costumes, child costumes, scary costumes, silly costumes, or sexy costumes, just as long as they do not come as themselves. My first year of hosting the party was not as successful. Only half of the people came in a costume. But as each year goes by, more and more people participated. Last year was the best turnout. Everyone who attended was wearing costumes. Some of the best adult costumes that I saw were the Wicked Jester, Demon Wings and shirt, and the Pimp costume. The Demon Wings was quite impressive. The wings expanded up to 8 feet. It was huge. The adults were in awe but it frightened some of the little ones. He had great face make-up too.

Besides the scary costumes, there were a lot of cute costumes such as the toddler costumes and child costumes. All my friend’s little girls were going through the disney princess costumes stage so the girls came as princesses. So, there were Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, and Cinderella. It was so adorable. Some of the neat child costumes that I saw were Darkwatch Jericho Cross and the Headless Horseman costume. They were one of the many crowd’s favorites.

I can’t forget to mention what the ladies came to the party dressed up as. A lot of my friends are mothers and usually they have a hard time finding Halloween costumes. They do not want costumes that are too sexy or revealing but yet they want a costume that is fun and festive. So, one of the ladies came dressed up as a witch but not a regular scary witch but a classic elegant lady witch. It was the Incantasia, the Glamour Adult witch. It was a great costume. Some made it a group costumes theme such as the 1920’s costumes theme and came in as Flappers costume and Gangsters costume.

All in all, it was a great Halloween party last year. Now, I am getting ready for this year. Some may think it is a bit early but it is only a couple of months away. It will come in a blink of an eye. I see many people scrambling for costumes last minute. For those of you who have kids, you should get your child’s costume as early as possible, especially the popular ones. I am already searching online for costumes and some sites are much cheaper than others. I recommend an online site called They offer competitive pricing and fast shipping. You can’t beat that. I am ecstatic to see what new costumes they have for 2009. Well, happy hunting!

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