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Ten Scary Costumes for Halloween 2014

It’s said that Halloween night is the one night of the year that spirits are allowed to walk among the living. As tradition has it, the purpose of wearing scary costumes is to ward off those wandering spirits. If you’re looking to spook the spooks this year, then you’ll want to check out these horrifying Halloween costumes. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite styles for 2014 to help you get into the Halloween spirit!

This year, one of our top scary costumes is this eerie Salem witch costume! With last season’s American Horror Story’s witch-centered story line, this costume could not be more appropriate for Halloween. Complete with splattered blood and a noose, this costume is sure to keep the ghosts at bay!
Salem Witch Adult Costume

Salem Witch Adult Costume (buy)
Next is a horror feared by many – evil clowns! The mask of this costume features a menacing grimace that is sure to frighten this year. Having this creepy clown hovering around on Halloween will surely send those restless souls back to their graves!
Killer Clown Adult Costume

Killer Clown Adult Costume (buy)
How about turning the tables on those ghosts by dressing as one on Halloween? With these ghastly ghost costumes, you can go from being the haunted to becoming the haunter!
Ghost Stories Sister Spirit Adult Costume

Ghost Stories Sister Spirit Adult Costume (buy)
My Spirit Lady Adult Costume

My Spirit Lady Adult Costume (buy)
Ghostly Groom Adult Costume

Ghostly Groom Adult Costume (buy)
Another popular genre of horror costumes is zombies. Ever since The Walking Dead, we can’t get enough of zombies! This Halloween, you can recreate a town of flesh-eating fiends with these bloodcurdling zombie costumes!

Zombie Priest Adult Costume

Zombie Priest Adult Costume (buy)
Zombie Bloody Sister Mary Adult Costume

Zombie Bloody Sister Mary Adult Costume (buy)
Zombie Convict Adult Costume

Zombie Convict Adult Costume (buy)
How about a costume with some bite? That’s what you’ll get with this new Lycan Costume! This horrifying costume has fangs for days and in the dark, we bet it will be hard to tell whether you’re a real werewolf or not.

Gray Lycan Adult Costume

Gray Lycan Adult Costume (buy)
Lastly, transform into an extraterrestrial terror with this frightening alien costume below! Featuring an ani-motion mask, you’ll be one convincing cosmic creature this Halloween!
Grand Alien Adult Costume

Grand Alien Adult Costume (buy)
With these great costumes, you’ll be sure to scare away the spirits this October 31st! For more ideas on costumes and your next Halloween celebration, be sure to check us out on Pinterest (here). We’re also running our Scary Story Contest right now on Facebook. Hopefully these scary costumes have inspired you to write your own terrifying tale which could help you win a $75 gift card to our website. If you want to try your luck, click here to enter. Until next time, scare you later!

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