Summer Movie Party Series: Jurassic Park

 Jurassic Park Party Ideas

This month, we’re changing pace a little. Our theme is a little different than it has been the last couple months. This time, we want to talk about how to host summer movie parties. Since this summer is packed with exciting sequels and remakes, we decided to share with you some ideas on how you can host a movie party to watch the originals.

Today we’re kicking things off with a Jurassic Park party. Jurassic World was just released last month, so if you want a refresher before you walk into the theater or if you just want to relive these Spielberg classics, throwing a party to watch the Jurassic Park series is a great way to enjoy it with friends. We’ve got some great tips to make your party fun for all ages!


Inflatable T-Rex Adult Costume jurassic park party ideas
Inflatable T-Rex Costume
Deluxe Owen Child Costume jurassic park party ideas
Deluxe Owen Child Costume
Dinosaur Jumpsuit Adult Costume jurassic park party ideas
Dinosaur Jumpsuit Costume

First and foremost, get the party started off right and have everyone show up in a fun costume. Your guests can wear one of the Jurassic World costumes like the hilariously silly Inflatable T-Rex Costume. This costume is sure to be a major hit and will never fail to illicit tons of laughter. You can also embody Chris Pratt and dress up as Owen Grady himself. But don’t limit yourself to just Jurassic World costumes, just stick with the theme and dress up in any dinosaur costume!


Before the movie starts, line up some fun activities for your guests. You can have a dino dig for the kids using a sandbox, some shovels and pails, and some plastic dinosaur toys. You can also have a dino egg hunt using old Easter eggs. Fill them with candy or coins or anything else that’s fun! Also, if you or any of your friends are great with drawing, you can offer face painting for your guests. Just print out a list of designs for the kids to choose from and use Halloween make-up to draw simple designs. Or if you’re especially crafty, try your hand at making some dinosaur balloon animals!


Photo: Matt De Turck
Photo: Matt De Turck

Make sure you have some fun movie snacks lined up as well. Popcorn and soda are always a classic treat, but play around with the theme and also serve some snacks that dinosaur lovers will enjoy. We suggest serving dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, Whoppers robin eggs, (usually sold around Easter, but available online year-round), and dinosaur gummy candy or fruit snacks.

These fun and easy Jurassic Park party ideas will ensure that your event is a real blast! Do you have a great idea that you’d like to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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