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Suits with Swag: New Oppo Suits Now In Stock

This year, we’re excited to bring on board the Halloween industry’s new name in style. That title, we believe, goes to Oppo Suits. This company has taken silly holiday prints and combined them with stylishly designed suits for a festive look that is perfect for any party. Now that Halloween is coming up, these costumes are a great alternative to your usual disguise. For the men who are all about swag, you’ll love these new suits.

As mentioned, Oppo Suits has some crazy prints and by filling a three-piece suit and tie combo with these zany patterns, you get some real show-stoppers. We especially love the comic book, dollar bill, and their best selling “Testival” patterns. Here they are below:

Oppo Suits 1
Featuring Item PP0033, Item PP0022, and Item PP0010

They also have styles for other holidays as well including Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Fourth of July!

Oppo Holiday Suits
Featuring Item PP0024, Item PP0031, and Item PP0023

I’ve already thought of ways to accessorize these cool suits to take them to the next level. For example, how cool would it look to add this Benjamin Franklin mask to the dollar bill suit?

Oppo Benjamin Franklin Costume Or if you added a Santa hat and beard to the Christmas tree patterned suit?

Oppo Santa

There are so many fun combinations you can make, plus with the great quality, you can wear these year after year. Which of these suits would you sport to your next holiday party? Let us know by commenting.

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