Steampunk Prom Masquerade

Prom season is now in full swing and everyone’s looking for the perfect outfit for their big night. If you’re having a masquerade themed prom and you’re looking for a fun steampunk twist, I’ve got some great ideas for you to make your masquerade prom outfit unforgettable.
steampunk prom masquerade 1

The first look I put together features this stunning May Queen Inc. embellished black and gold floor-length gown from The gold embellishments on the bodice definitely give off a futuristic yet elegant vibe that would be perfect if you’re going for a steampunk look. I paired the dress with our Take Flight Steampunk Mask in gold and it perfectly complements the look.
steampunk prom masquerade 2

This next look features another May Queen Inc. dress. This one features a bold burgundy and ivory velvet and lace dress. Though this one is not as an obvious choice for a steampunk look, the tight bodice and the lace reminded me of Victorian fashion so it definitely gave off the right vibe. Once you complete the look with our Female Steampunk Masquerade Mask as well as the Hades Titan heels, there will be no mistaking this steampunk masquerade look.
steampunk prom masquerade 3

For the guys, I¬†went with this dashing Steampunk Adventurer Adult Costume. This costume looks formal enough for any prom. Once you pair it with our Steampunk One Eye Mask, you’ll be all set for an unforgettable prom night.
steampunk masquerade 4

And finally, this last look features an old fashioned vest that would make any time traveler proud. Additional accessories like a top hat, cane, pocket watch, and Steam Powered Helmet Mask complete your steampunk masquerade look.



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